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Health Information, News and Tools - AOL Health

Find resources to live healthy including in-depth health information, reliable medical news, and health tools. Research diets, read the latest health news and get fitness tips from AOL Health. Find advice, information about diseases and drugs, fitness tips, and news items.

How Bacteria Could Protect Tumors From Anticancer Drugs  

Cancers have unwitting allies: the healthy cells that surround them.

2017-09-23 05:24:17

All The Ways Hurricanes Can Harm — And Help — The Ecosystems They Hit  

What Harvey and Irma left behind.

2017-09-23 01:56:22

If IVF, Then PGD Or PGS? What Genetic Testing Can Tell You About Your Embryo  

If you're a candidate for in vitro fertilization (IVF), you've probably learned a lot of new information before making the

2017-09-22 19:08:56

Your Mental Health Suffers When Your Pet Gets Sick  

Just more evidence that furry friends really are like family.

2017-09-22 15:33:39

Children Of The Opiate Crisis: The Reality Behind Our Nation's Epidemic  

In July of 2017, the FDA announced that America's opioid addiction was their biggest crisis on hand. An alarming jump in

2017-09-22 14:24:03

Menopause, Hormone Replacement And Mortality: A Research Reality Check  

Perhaps you are in a hurry. If so, here's the bottom line at the top: it turns out women can use hormone replacement to manage

2017-09-22 13:58:08

Researchers Discover Intriguing Link Between Magnesium And Dementia  

People with high or low levels of magnesium had a higher risk of developing dementia later on in life.

2017-09-22 13:45:59

Endometrial Cancer: Risk Factors, Screening, Treatment  

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My sister, who is 56, recently was diagnosed with early-stage endometrial cancer. I'm wondering if this

2017-09-22 13:02:14

Guns Help Explain Difference In Urban And Rural Suicide Rates  

In Maryland, firearm suicide rates are 66 percent higher in rural counties than in urban counties.

2017-09-22 12:10:13

How Alternate-Nostril Breathing Works  

It helps if your eyes are closed.

2017-09-22 08:14:08

Annie Dean Has a Genius Way Of Getting Dressed In The Morning  

The woman behind the job board Werk takes us through her a.m. routine.

2017-09-22 04:14:28

A Love Letter To The Nurses Who Take Care Of Moms After Giving Birth  

Let's hear it for the nurses — they're real-life superheroes to so many people.

2017-09-22 03:55:55

My Worst Fears Came True, But St. Jude Saved Our Son's Life  

Every summer, our family looks forward to July 4 and the celebrating that holiday brings. My husband and I, along with our

2017-09-21 15:38:04

Why Are We Questioning Opiate Replacement Medications And Naltrexone For Opioid Dependence?  

You wouldn't question someone using Nicorette to quit smoking.

2017-09-21 10:20:18

CDC Releases Guidelines About How To Stay Healthy After A Hurricane  

Mental health is the biggest long-term safety concern.

2017-09-21 09:51:14

Private Vehicles Beat Ambulances In Saving Gunshot And Stabbing Victims  

When a person is critically wounded, every minute matters.

2017-09-21 09:50:59

Google Chooses Saving Lives Over Profits In The Midst of Opioid Epidemic  

The company says it will stop selling ad space to misleading addiction treatment centers.

2017-09-21 08:39:26

Opioid Deaths Are Hurting American Life Expectancy  

It takes a significant increase in deaths from a specific cause to affect overall life expectancy.

2017-09-21 06:54:13

Today's Teens Are More Childish Than Baby Boomers Were At Their Age  

For this generation, 18 is the new 15.

2017-09-21 04:29:03

We Need Nurses More Than Ever. Why Are We Letting Them Burn Out?  

The combination of an exodus of RNs and an influx of aging patients could create a health care crisis.

2017-09-21 04:07:45

The New GOP Health Care Bill Would Be Devastating To People With HIV  

This bill would jeopardize efforts to end the HIV epidemic in the U.S.

2017-09-21 03:55:18

Dear Hollywood: Smoking Deserves An 'R' Rating  

Glantz surmised that others agreed with his aim of keeping smoking out of youth-oriented movies, they just kept those opinions

2017-09-20 15:25:57

7 Tips For How To Cope If You're Rebuilding After A Natural Disaster  

"Acknowledge that this is going to be a tough time and that it's OK to have mini breakdowns each day," an expert advises.

2017-09-20 12:30:51

'Green' Buildings Could Still Be Emitting Hazardous Chemicals  

The dangerous chemicals were coming from both inside the building and the consumer goods residents brought with them.

2017-09-20 08:59:17

Poor Sleep Associated With Higher Risk Of Chronic Pain  

A general decline in both the quantity and quality of hours slept led to a two- to three-fold increase in pain problems over time.

2017-09-20 06:23:33

7 Ways To Save Money When You Die  

Do you have any idea how much a funeral can cost?

2017-09-20 05:54:47

Where Psychiatric Care Is Scarce, Religious Institutions Are Stepping In  

"We don't have the resources to meet the demand through the public system of care. I wish we did."

2017-09-20 04:45:54

Long-Term Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer's Disease  

People with chronic gum inflammation for 10 or more years were 70 percent more likely than people without periodontitis to develop Alzheimer's disease.

2017-09-20 03:51:52

There's Not Much Evidence Pot Helps With PTSD Or Chronic Pain  

We're in desperate need of high-quality clinical trials for marijuana.

2017-09-20 03:18:59

How Do We Protect Our Children With Autism From Risky Run-Ins With Police?  

Today in the news, I witnessed one of my greatest fears ― a teenaged boy with Autism encountered a police officer who misunderstood

2017-09-20 02:27:56

What Watching My Daughter Develop The Same Anxiety I Struggle With Is Like  

I am thankful that my daughter is getting the treatment she needs, and I'm hopeful that I can help her manage her condition fully and openly.

2017-09-20 01:53:26

Not Having Paid Sick Leave Can Have Dire Mental Health Consequences  

"There's real stigma attached to taking sick time to care for yourself."

2017-09-20 01:30:25

What It's Like To Get Nexplanon, The Birth Control Implant In Your Arm  

It was very anticlimactic, and like the doctor said, I didn't feel a thing.

2017-09-19 21:10:54

24 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because Of Your Social Anxiety  

"I don't think most people realize that when I'm out with friends and I suddenly leave, it's because of anxiety."

2017-09-19 20:56:58

How Houston Can Become Stronger After Hurricane Harvey  

A new era of extreme weather calls for a new approach to city planning.

2017-09-19 20:23:08

9 Things Psychologists Do When They Have Anxiety  

1. Accept that anxiety is normal

2017-09-19 20:15:21

Let The Sun Shine In On Health Care Costs  

I recently blew a tire while out on a bike ride; I must have hit a rock or something. I looked up bike repair shops on Yelp

2017-09-19 14:10:53

Building 'Breaks' Into Your Diet Could Help You Lose More Weight  

There's a case for letting your body rest between weight-loss periods.

2017-09-19 14:10:52

Without Price Breaks, Rural Hospitals Struggle To Stock Costly, Lifesaving Drugs  

An obscure Obamacare provision forces rural hospitals to pay full price for drugs that many bigger hospitals buy at deeply discounted rates.

2017-09-19 14:10:50

Ten Years of Medical Progress in Half the Time, Is It Possible?  

When I started my career as a physician more than 30 years ago, I could only dream of the breakthroughs I'd come to witness

2017-09-19 13:32:52

Triathlon Deaths Are A Lot More Common Than You'd Think  

The majority of deaths happen during the swim portion of the race.

2017-09-19 10:07:20

Do You Need Rabies Shots If A Bat Gets In Your House? Experts Disagree.  

But probably yes.

2017-09-19 03:54:02

How The Opioid Crisis Is Blowing A Hole In Small-Town America's Finances  

Cities, towns and counties across the United States are struggling to deal with the financial costs of a drug addiction epidemic that killed 33,000 people in 2015 alone.

2017-09-19 02:25:50

8 Self-Care Tips For Cancer Survivors  

While the first few months after a cancer diagnosis typically is the most challenging, there is a different struggle that

2017-09-18 10:20:19

Experts Say This Is The Best Way To Boost Your Collagen Production  

Take notes! You may be wasting your money.

2017-09-18 09:49:56

Princess Diana Talks Mental Health In Newly Uncovered Interviews  

"Couldn't sleep, didn't eat, the whole world was collapsing around me."

2017-09-18 07:30:57

6 Bizarre Things That Happen To Your Body On Your Period  

As if that time of the month isn't annoying enough.

2017-09-18 06:24:16

Health Care Costs Expected To Rise Because Of New Specialty Drugs  

Spending could increase more than $25 billion every year.

2017-09-18 06:13:46

Wrestling With The Mental Distress Of Disability  

Cerebral palsy occasionally drags me into a hole I don't want to be in, but I've come to see beauty in my wheelchair.

2017-09-17 09:51:04

Colorectal Cancer Death Rates Rise For Young White Adults  

At the same time, young black adults see a decline in death rates.

2017-09-17 03:09:09

How To Turn Tap Water Into Bottled Water  

The CDC advises adding a tiny bit of bleach, one teaspoon of 5.25-percent sodium hypochlorite per gallon of water.

2017-09-16 08:51:11

To The Men And Boys Who Are Struggling With An Eating Disorder  

It's important to note that seeking help when you are struggling is a sign of true strength, not weakness.

2017-09-16 05:14:39

Lady Gaga Put A Much-Needed Spotlight On Chronic Pain  

The singer opened up about living with fibromyalgia.

2017-09-15 20:06:40

Dear Selena Gomez, Sharing Your Struggles Has Given Us Strength  

Because of you, more people are talking about lupus and getting access to resources and support

2017-09-15 19:22:12

You Can Actually Be Allergic To Exercise  

Some people have a real excuse to skip the gym.

2017-09-15 18:27:43

Decades Of Lifesaving Lessons, One Jump At A Time  

*** Kris' approach works. Just ask … The grandmother who was told she needed a stent, but refused. She told this to her daughter

2017-09-15 11:53:56

For A Creativity Boost, Try Listening To This Kind Of Music  

Happy, energetic tunes could stimulate problem solving skills and "divergent" thinking.

2017-09-15 11:17:53

Healthcare Is Confusing Part III: The Uninsured And Serious Illness  

So, this is one of those mega-questions that I think all of our discussions about how we pay for and organize healthcare

2017-09-15 05:50:36

Republican Health Care Efforts Would Harm Veterans, Report Says  

"That goes way beyond just turning the clock back to pre-ACA status quo," said report author Michael Dworsky.

2017-09-15 02:24:44

Joanna Goddard Hasn't Set An Alarm In 7 Years  

The 'A Cup of Jo' founder takes us through her busy A.M.

2017-09-15 01:41:15

Your Routines Might Be Screwing With Your Body. Here's How To Fix It.  

When to eat, drink, sleep and think deep thoughts.

2017-09-14 20:58:03

Here's Why Yawns Are So Contagious  

Trying to stop yourself from yawning makes you want to yawn more.

2017-09-14 13:59:11

This Japanese Tour Will Force You To Ditch Your Phone  

This is a fun way to take a digital detox.

2017-09-14 13:19:45

Antidepressant Exposure In The Womb Linked To A Higher Risk Of Psychiatric Illness  

However, the finding doesn't mean women should go off their medication during pregnancy.

2017-09-14 12:12:21

To The Widow Whose Husband Is Alive  

I know you wavered in your decision to seek out a widowed support group. In your heart, you felt you'd lost the man you married

2017-09-14 11:22:20

New Brain Therapy Offers Promising Relief To People Who Hear Voices  

People with schizophrenia sometimes suffer from disturbing auditory hallucinations.

2017-09-14 07:46:17

Violence Against Nurses Is A Serious Problem, But Hospitals Are Basically Policing Themselves  

We have to do more to protect the people who care for us.

2017-09-14 07:14:13

Here's How Psychologists Actually Analyze Your Dreams  

Because it's not as simple as a fish means this and a filing cabinet means that.

2017-09-14 05:45:48

How To Stop Procrastinating  

Procrastination is the vile habit that impedes all of us from achieving anything in a timely manner. In a world where we

2017-09-14 04:13:41

Zip Codes Of Medical Destiny  

The health choices any of us makes are ineluctably subordinate to the choices we have -- and we simply don't all have the same choices.

2017-09-14 03:48:28

The Counterintuitive Reason You Shouldn't Say 'Sorry'  

It's not having its intended effect.

2017-09-14 03:04:57

Why We Eat Too Much  

It has nothing to do food, and therefore trying to change our diet isn't the most logical place to focus our efforts.

2017-09-14 02:42:13

I'm Not the "Perfect" Disability Activist You Wanted  

Living with out-of-remission Crohn's Disease is like constantly having the stomach flu.

2017-09-14 02:03:05

Texas Calls In The Air Force To Do Battle With Mosquitoes  

Mosquitoes can hurt hurricane recovery by swarming workers who are cleaning up.

2017-09-13 19:37:23

This Is How White Supremacists Get Radicalized  

Fears of "white genocide" weigh heavy on their minds, experts on extremism say.

2017-09-13 17:36:37

Deconstructing Stigma: Helping Yourself and Others  

Editor's note: "Deconstructing Stigma: A Change in Thought Can Change a Life" is a public awareness campaign developed by

2017-09-13 13:48:09

Progress On Global Poverty And Disease At Risk, Gates Says  

Proposed United States budget cuts could lead to 5 million more deaths from AIDS alone.

2017-09-13 10:54:10

5 Things To Know Before You Try Meditation  

So many people want to meditate but they either don't know where to start or can't find the time. Fitting meditation into

2017-09-13 05:09:34

Why Hillary Clinton Is Into 'Alternate Nostril Breathing'  

The technique is easy AND effective.

2017-09-13 04:25:38

Miscarriage Is Usually Beyond A Mother's Control  

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Six months ago, after becoming pregnant for the first time, I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. My husband

2017-09-13 02:42:35

An Australian Tobacco Plant May Help Us Finally Eliminate Polio  

It could lead to a less-risky polio vaccine that doesn't require the actual virus to work.

2017-09-13 02:08:29

Hormone Therapy Isn't As Risky As Once Thought, New Study Finds  

Good news for menopausal women.

2017-09-13 01:44:35

To The Person Who Is Secretly Struggling With An Eating Disorder  

You deserve a life that is free from constant thoughts about food and your body.

2017-09-13 01:08:25

Thousands Of Americans Still Die Of AIDS Every Year  

Yet antiretroviral therapy can turn the deadly disease into a manageable chronic condition.

2017-09-12 16:22:32

Why You Feel So Stressed Out After A Vacation  

And what to do about it.

2017-09-12 13:52:32

What Suicide Survivors Want You To Know  

As the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, suicide remains a serious public health problem, according to the

2017-09-12 13:20:54

Doctors Who Take Pharmaceutical Money Use Twitter To Hype Drugs  

"This is a big problem."

2017-09-12 11:49:36

Study Says Using This Emoji In Emails Makes You Look Incompetent  

Sorry. ☹️

2017-09-12 11:43:09

Marijuana's Popularity Among US Adults Continues To Grow. Here's Why  

The top four reasons people give for using marijuana are to relax, to relieve pain, to have fun and to help them be social.

2017-09-12 05:22:46

This Anorexia Treatment Probably Doesn't Work. It Might Have Something To Tell Us Anyway.  

Bottle-feeding therapy touches on some of the factors that make eating disorders hard to treat.

2017-09-11 21:17:25

The Psychology Behind Racism  

To eradicate a global epidemic, one must first try to understand it. Even while it may seem an impossible task, when it comes

2017-09-11 13:21:53

4 Things Psychologists Do Every Day To Feel Happier  

"If I'm getting down or feeling anxious, I'll make a list of things that I'm grateful for."

2017-09-11 12:59:16

The Two Things I'm Carrying With Me As I Evacuate For Hurricane Irma  

What would you take if you had to leave?

2017-09-11 10:37:42

Nearly Dying Made Me Realize How I Wanted To Live My Life  

Sometimes the things we are most afraid of starting end up being the most beautiful chapters of our lives.

2017-09-11 05:54:33

The Truth   

Those pesky late night cravings

2017-09-11 05:15:40

6 New Food Trends You're About To See Everywhere  

Cutting out artificial preservatives is just one way to eat well, but there are a whole bunch of other exciting new food trends about to be all the rage.

2017-09-11 05:01:38

How Pets Can Help Prevent Suicide #NSPW2017  

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. A week dedicated to raising awareness around a largely silent struggle. Suicide

2017-09-11 04:51:47

8 Bad Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave  

Creating a stable environment that promotes achievement, unity, and personality is essential to successful workplaces.

2017-09-11 01:58:42

Hope in a Vial – The Journey Behind Vaccines  

Pfizer Vaccines' innovative approach is helping the whole world live more healthfully.

2017-09-11 01:43:16

Brain Food: How Eating Well Impacts Your Brain  

We all know the impact eating well has on our bodies, but what about our minds?

2017-09-10 16:03:01

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