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Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

Space News from SpaceDaily.Com brings the space industry professional daily news from the frontier, with contract, bid, launch and on-orbit satellite news as it happens. Comprehensive daily news resource on space science and industry. Includes updated overview of news from multiple sources.

NASA'S OSIRIS-REx executes slingshot around Earth  

Washington (UPI) Sep 22, 2017 NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe has used Earth's gravity to slingshot itself into outer space. The spacecraft is now en route to the asteroid Bennu and is expected to encounter the space rock in August 2018. On Friday, OSIRIS-REx swung past the South Pole at an altitude of 10,711 miles. During the flyby, Earth's gravity offered the probe's speed a boost of 8,451 mph. OSIRIS-REx, short fo

2017-09-23 07:32:07

Global Aerospace Corporation to present Pluto lander concept to NASA  

Irwindale CA (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 Global Aerospace Corporation (GAC) announced today that it will present its Pluto lander concept at the 2017 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Symposium in Denver, CO. Under a grant from NASA's NIAC program, GAC is developing an integrated "entrycraft" architecture that can decelerate and gently land on the surface of Pluto from a speed of over 30,000 mph using only drag from Pluto's ultr

2017-09-22 14:57:11

Scientists Produce Best Estimate of Earth's Composition  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have produced the best estimate of Earth's elemental composition which will help them understand how the Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago. The solar system began as a dense blob in a molecular cloud of hydrogen gas and dust that collapsed under its own gravity, forming the early Sun, Earth and other planets. Co-researcher Assoc

2017-09-22 08:29:45

Drones can almost see in the dark  

Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 To fly safely, drones need to know their precise position and orientation in space at all times. While commercial drones solve this problem using GPS, this only works outdoors, and is not very reliable, especially in urban environments. Furthermore, the conventional cameras mounted on drones work only when there is a high amount of light available, and the drone's speed has to be limited o

2017-09-22 07:43:11

Small satellite promises big discoveries at NASA  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 Small satellites provide a cheap, responsive alternative to larger, more expensive satellites. As demand grows, engineers must adapt these "nanosatellites" to provide greater data returns. NASA, in collaboration with educational partners, targets 2021 for the launch of an innovative CubeSat that addresses these challenges. CubeSats consist of standardized cubed units, or U's, typically up

2017-09-22 07:38:32

Firebricks offer low-cost storage for carbon-free energy  

Boston MA (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Firebricks, designed to withstand high heat, have been part of our technological arsenal for at least three millennia, since the era of the Hittites. Now, a proposal from MIT researchers shows this ancient invention could play a key role in enabling the world to switch away from fossil fuels and rely instead on carbon-free energy sources. The researchers' idea is to make use of excess elec

2017-09-22 07:21:25

China's cargo spacecraft separates from Tiangong-2 space lab  

Beijing (XNA) Sep 22, 2017 China's first cargo spacecraft, Tianzhou-1, separated from Tiangong-2 space lab at 4:15 p.m. on Sunday. At 3:29 p.m. on Sunday, the cargo ship started to separate from the space lab under orders from the ground. After separation, it operated at an orbit of about 400 kilometers above the earth. Tianzhou-1 will continue to carry out experiments before it leaves orbit, and will gain exp

2017-09-22 07:20:17

Aussie astronaut calls for establishment of national space agency  

Adelaide, Australian (XNA) Sep 22, 2017 The second Australian to ever venture into space has called for the country to establish its own space agency. Andrew Thomas, an Australian-born National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut, told the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide that Australia should look to play a leading role in space tourism. "I hope Australia will seize the opportu

2017-09-22 06:34:40

Hope to discover sure signs of life on Mars  

Lawrence KS (SPX) Sep 22, 2017 The search for biology on neighbor planet Mars won't play out like a Hollywood movie starring little green men. Rather, many scientists agree if there was life on the Red Planet, it probably will present itself as fossilized bacteria. To find it, astrobiologists likely will need to decode the chemical analysis of rock samples performed by a rover (like the one NASA plans to send to Mars in 2020)

2017-09-22 06:13:10

Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction  

Boston MA (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 In the past 540 million years, the Earth has endured five mass extinction events, each involving processes that upended the normal cycling of carbon through the atmosphere and oceans. These globally fatal perturbations in carbon each unfolded over thousands to millions of years, and are coincident with the widespread extermination of marine species around the world. The question for many s

2017-09-22 05:33:06

Demonstrator 3 linear aerospike ready to start tests  

Las Cruces NM (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 The ground test stand and aerospike engine for the Demonstrator 3 rocket are ready for tests at ARCA Space Corporation. The effort was completed in 60 days since the start of fabrication. The system will perform a series of ground tests that will ultimately qualify the engine for flight. After the ground tests, the same engine will be integrated into the Demonstrator 3 rocket that will per

2017-09-22 04:15:01

Upgraded Lockheed Martin Laser Outguns Threat in Half the Time  

White Sands Missile Range NM (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 A Lockheed Martin prototype laser weapon system proved that an advanced system of sensors, software and specialized optics can deliver decisive lethality against unmanned aerial vehicle threats. In tests conducted with the U.S. Army's Space and Missile Defense Command in August, the 30-kilowatt class ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) system brought down five 10.8' wingspan Outlaw un

2017-09-22 03:22:59

'Car nation' Germany distrustful of driverless vehicles  

Frankfurt Am Main (AFP) Sept 19, 2017 German carmakers are showing off their self-driving cars at the IAA international auto show in Frankfurt, but most people in the car-mad country have yet to be convinced by the technology. Curious visitors to the biennial trade fair, which lasts until September 24, can entrust their lives to a computer on a specially created car at a test track overlooked by Daimler and Volkswagen's giant st

2017-09-22 03:22:51

Lockheed Martin introduces new satellite bus lineup  

National Harbor, MD (SPX) Sep 22, 2017 Lockheed Martin has debuted a new family of satellite buses that form the core of nearly every space mission. From nanosats to high-powered satellites, the versatile lineup incorporates dozens of major enhancements and hundreds of common components that speed production and reduce cost. The company announced the lineup at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference. "We've in

2017-09-22 02:46:15

First space mining transaction in 10 years  

Sydney, Australia (XNA) Sep 22, 2017 The first transaction in space mining could only be 10 years away, the director of the Australian Center for Space Engineering Research, Andrew Dempster, told Xinhua on Wednesday, at the third Off Earth Mining Forum in Sydney. With some of the sharpest minds on hand to represent the world's leading institutions including NASA, the European Space Agency and the Hague Space Resources Governi

2017-09-22 02:15:42

Scientists create world's first 'molecular robot' capable of building molecules  

Manchester UK (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 Scientists at The University of Manchester have created the world's first 'molecular robot' that is capable of performing basic tasks including building other molecules. The tiny robots, which are a millionth of a millimetre in size, can be programmed to move and build molecular cargo, using a tiny robotic arm. Each individual robot is capable of manipulating a single molecule and is

2017-09-22 02:10:25

Fly me to the Moon: For some, lunar village takes shape  

Riga (AFP) Sept 22, 2017 By 2040, a hundred people will live on the Moon, melting ice for water, 3D-printing homes and tools, eating plants grown in lunar soil, and competing in low-gravity, "flying" sports. To those who mock such talk as science fiction, experts such as Bernard Foing, ambassador of the European Space Agency-driven "Moon Village" scheme, reply the goal is not only reasonable but feasible too. At

2017-09-22 01:05:06

Exploring 'Perseverance Valley' During Winter  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Sep 21, 2017 Opportunity is continuing the winter exploration of "Perseverance Valley" on the west rim of Endeavour Crater. Winter is constraining the available energy, so the project has to rover hop (drive) from one energy-favorable "lily pad" to the next. (These lily pads are locations where the terrain is tilted sufficiently to the north to maximize the Sun's illumination on the rover's solar panel

2017-09-21 14:32:01

Daimler to offer electrified versions of all Mercedes 'by 2022'  

Frankfurt Am Main (AFP) Sept 11, 2017 The world's largest luxury carmaker Daimler plans to offer an electric or hybrid version version of every Mercedes-Benz model within five years, its chief executive said Monday. "By 2022, we'll have the entire Mercedes-Benz product portfolio in electrified version as well, to offer a maximum of choices for our consumers," CEO Dieter Zetsche told investors. "The time is right." Daimler's

2017-09-21 11:23:43

ISRO to resume satellite launches by December  

New Delhi (IANS) Sep 21, 2017 India would resume launching satellites in November or December, unfazed by the failure of its rocket in deploying a spare navigation satellite in the earth's lower orbit on August 31, space agency chief A.S. Kiran Kumar said on Friday. "We will resume the launches by November or December, with one of the remote sensing satellites though we are yet to finalise with which," said Indian Spac

2017-09-21 09:31:48

Europe urged to reconsider pullout from 'Armageddon' asteroid mission  

Riga (AFP) Sept 20, 2017 Space scientists urged Europe Wednesday to rethink its withdrawal from a futuristic, international dry-run for an Armageddon-like mission to deflect a space rock on a calamitous collision course with Earth. Dubbed AIDA (Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment), the test mission is crucial if we are to develop the capacity to protect our planet from incoming projectiles, they said. "This

2017-09-21 09:25:19

Space radiation is risky business for the human body  

Houston TX (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 While people protect their eyes from the sun's radiation during a solar eclipse, NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) is working to protect the whole human body from radiation in space. Space radiation is dangerous and one of the primary health risks for astronauts. "Determining astronaut health consequences following radiation exposure involve very complex processes," said Tony Slaba, Ph.D

2017-09-21 09:19:51

With fossil fuel bans, e-cars shift into higher gear  

Frankfurt Am Main (AFP) Sept 11, 2017 Beijing's announcement that it is considering joining France and Britain in banning petrol and diesel cars from its smog-clogged roads promises to accelerate a push towards electric vehicles - a race in which Chinese carmakers have everything to gain. As the global auto industry braces for a shake up, here's what you need to know. - What's it all about? - While France and Britain h

2017-09-21 08:40:44

Clean vehicle sales skyrocket in China  

Washington (UPI) Sep 12, 2017 Sales of cleaner vehicles in the Chinese market increased more than 60 percent from last year as the world's second-largest economy greens up, data show. Data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show total sales of 2.19 million vehicles last month marked a 5.3 percent increase from August 2016. Sales and production of alternative vehicles like hybrids and electrics in

2017-09-21 08:15:45

UW shatters long-range communication barrier for near-zero-power devices  

Seattle WA (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 University of Washington researchers have demonstrated for the first time that devices that run on almost zero power can transmit data across distances of up to 2.8 kilometers - breaking a long-held barrier and potentially enabling a vast array of interconnected devices. For example, flexible electronics - from knee patches that capture range of motion in arthritic patients to patches that

2017-09-21 08:01:38

More evidence of water on Mars  

Boulder CO (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 River deposits exist across the surface of Mars and record a surface environment from over 3.5 billion years ago that was able to support liquid water at the surface. A region of Mars named Aeolis Dorsa contains some of the most spectacular and densely packed river deposits seen on Mars. These deposits are observable with satellite images because they have undergone a process called "topog

2017-09-21 07:02:52

New research suggests Mercury's poles are icier than scientists thought  

Providence RI (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 The scorching hot surface of Mercury seems like an unlikely place to find ice, but research over the past three decades has suggested that water is frozen on the first rock from the sun, hidden away on crater floors that are permanently shadowed from the sun's blistering rays. Now, a new study led by Brown University researchers suggests that there could be much more ice on Mercury's surface tha

2017-09-21 06:19:27

Ancient meteorite impact triggered highest surface temperature in Earth's history  

Washington (UPI) Sep 20, 2017 Researchers have discovered evidence of an ancient meteorite impact, a collision scientists say is responsible for the highest temperature recorded on Earth's surface - 2,370 degrees Celsius, or 4,298 degrees Fahrenheit. The impact site, Mistastin Lake crater in Labrador Canada, stretches more than 17 miles across. The significant depression was created when a large meteor struck bedro

2017-09-21 05:33:50

First steps: returning humanity to the Moon  

Paris (ESA) Sep 21, 2017 In the first act of lunar exploration, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were major characters. In setting its sights on the Moon, ESA hopes to bring many more actors to this off-world stage. By testing the market for transport services to the Moon, ESA aims to push the limits of technology and create new models of space business. Touching down on the Moon was a monumental moment in hum

2017-09-21 05:07:38

Scientists propose new concept of terrestrial planet formation  

Hong Kong (SPX) Sep 21, 2017 Scientists have long been intrigued by the surfaces of terrestrial bodies other than Earth which reveal deep similarities beneath their superficially differing volcanic and tectonic histories. A team of scientists from NASA, Hampton University and the University of Hong Kong propose a new way of understanding the cooling and transfer of heat from terrestrial planetary interiors and how tha

2017-09-21 05:02:08

China eyes petrol car ban, boosting electric vehicles  

Shanghai (AFP) Sept 11, 2017 China is gearing up to ban petrol and diesel cars, a move that would boost electric vehicles and shake up the world's biggest car market in a country that is plagued by pollution. The plan would follow decisions by France and Britain to outlaw the sale of such cars and vans from 2040 to clamp down on harmful emissions. The government did not give a date for the ban, but the announcement

2017-09-21 02:35:39

At Frankfurt car show, industry in throes of reinvention  

Frankfurt Am Main (AFP) Sept 12, 2017 Automakers descended on Frankfurt Tuesday to show off their latest innovations at the glitzy International Motor Show (IAA), even as the spectre of tough new environmental rules and a string of no-shows took some of the shine off the event. On the surface, there is nothing but good news at the IAA: the European car industry can boast of five years of non-stop growth, projected to continue th

2017-09-21 01:03:02

What Do We Need to Know to Mine an Asteroid  

Riga, Lativa (SPX) Sep 20, 2017 The mining of resources contained in asteroids, for use as propellant, building materials or in life-support systems, has the potential to revolutionise exploration of our solar system. To make this concept a reality, we need to increase our knowledge of the very diverse population of accessible near-Earth asteroids (NEAs). Last year, dozens of the world's leading asteroid scientists and a

2017-09-20 13:56:17

NASA's Hubble captures blistering pitch-black planet  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has observed a planet outside our solar system that looks as black as fresh asphalt because it eats light rather than reflecting it back into space. This light-eating prowess is due to the planet's unique capability to trap at least 94 percent of the visible starlight falling into its atmosphere. The oddball exoplanet, called WASP-12b, is one of a class of so-

2017-09-20 12:30:09

Six emerge from 8-mo Mars experiment in Hawaii dome  

Miami (AFP) Sept 19, 2017 Six people have emerged from an isolated dome in Hawaii where they spent the past eight months on a mock Mars mission, living in close quarters, eating dried foods and trying to get along. The experiment, run by the University of Hawaii, was the fifth of its kind aimed at helping scientists iron out the fights and inter-personal conflicts that are certain to arise among astronauts embarking

2017-09-20 12:12:45

Work on China's mission to Mars 'well underway'  

Beijing (AFP) Sept 20, 2017 China's programme to launch a mission to Mars in 2020 is "well underway", its top planner said Wednesday as the country moves forward with its ambitious space programme. The probe will carry 13 types of payload including six rovers, the official Xinhua news agency said. "The Mars exploration programme is well underway," it cited the mission's chief architect Zhang Rongqiao as saying.

2017-09-20 09:57:05

Earth through different eyes  

Paris (ESA) Sep 19, 2017 In the 1960s, photographs of Earth taken by the first astronauts captured the imaginations of people across the world. The pictures not only became icons for space exploration, but also the fragility of our planet. But astronauts were not the only ones with their eyes on Earth. Satellites flying hundreds of kilometres above our heads continually capture images of our planet and deliver a w

2017-09-20 09:30:51

Lockheed Martin Unveils a New Lightweight Canister Launched Unmanned Aircraft System  

London, UK (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Lockheed Martin has unveiled a new small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that has been designed and developed in the UK at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI). OUTRIDER is a lightweight, canister launched UAS that has been designed by engineers at Lockheed Martin UK's Havant facility in partnership with Wirth Research, an engineering company with specialisation in aerody

2017-09-20 08:10:19

Bulgaria Sat Wins "Newcomer Satellite Operator of the Year" for 2017  

Paris, France (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Bulgaria Sat, Bulgaria's sole satellite operator and the country's innovator in space industry, was awarded "Newcomer Satellite Operator of the Year" for 2017 during the 14th Annual Awards for Excellence in Satellite Communications which took place as part of the Summit for Satellite Financing, the main event of the annual World Satellite Business Week 2017. The ceremony took place on September

2017-09-20 07:57:26

To shoot down or not? NKorea launch highlights intercept issues  

Washington (AFP) Sept 17, 2017 North Korea's latest missile launch over Japan set sirens blaring and triggered alerts telling people to seek shelter - yet neither Tokyo nor Washington tried to shoot the rocket down. The test follows one in August that saw another rocket soar over Hokkaido. In that case too, much-vaunted Japanese and US missile-intercept capabilities were not used. Now some in the United States are wo

2017-09-20 05:19:37

Transitional FSS industry adapting, innovating to spur recovery  

Paris (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 According to the 24th edition of Euroconsult's report, Satellite Communications and Broadcasting Markets Survey, due to be published later in September, the FSS industry is in the midst of unprecedented change, with the dramatic downsizing of traditional pricing leading to decreasing revenues for many in the sector and the possibility of major restructuring or consolidation on the horizon.

2017-09-20 04:07:45

Thales, Telespazio and Spaceflight team up to accelerate BlackSky Geospatial Platform  

Paris, France (SPX) Sep 19, 2017 The Space Alliance, formed by Thales Alenia Space (Thales 67%, Leonardo 33%) and Telespazio (Leonardo 67%, Thales 33%), has signed a partnership with the U.S.-based company Spaceflight Industries which includes the following elements: + A minority investment in Spaceflight Industries, which through its BlackSky business, has developed a geospatial platform and plans to build and operate a

2017-09-20 03:35:24

North Korea seeks military 'equilibrium' with US  

Seoul (AFP) Sept 16, 2017 North Korea said Saturday it was bent on nothing less than military "equilibrium" with arch-enemy the United States with a full nuclear arsenal, forcing UN powers into fresh crisis talks. Kim Jong-Un successfully fired a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan on Friday, responding to the latest round of UN embargos over its sixth nuclear test with its furthest-ever missil

2017-09-20 02:41:07

KFU astronomers discovered an exoplanet together with Turkish and Japanese colleagues  

Kazan, Russia (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Five KFU employees have been involved in the project - Ilfan Bikmaev, Eldar Irtuganov, Roman Zhuchkov, Almaz Galeev, and Sergey Melnikov. Professor Bikmaev, Chair of the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy, commented on the news, "In the course of our 10-year work of searching for exoplanets around red giants with a Russian-Turkish 1.5-meter telescope (RTT-150) at Tubitak National Ob

2017-09-20 02:34:30

Is the Earth warming? The ocean gives you the answer  

Beijing, China (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Humans have released carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and the result is an accumulation of heat in the Earth's climate system, commonly referred to as "global warming". "How fast is the Earth's warming?" is a key question for decision makers, scientists and general public. Previously, the global mean surface temperature has been widely used as a key metric of global warming. Howe

2017-09-20 02:26:54

Ice mined on Mars could provide water for humans exploring space  

Sydney, Australia (The Conversation) Sep 19, 2017 As humans spread out across the Earth, the locations of new colonies were driven by the accessibility of resources: not only food and water, but also arable land, forests and minerals. Access to such resources remains important as the economy moves into space. Here, water has emerged as the pre-eminent resource to exploit first. The question then becomes, from where will we extract the wat

2017-09-19 15:11:57

Low-level radiation exposure less harmful to health than other modern lifestyle risks  

Oxford, UK (SPX) Sep 19, 2017 Human populations have always been exposed to ionizing radiation, and more so in modern life due to its use in medicine, industry and the armed forces. Whilst the risks to human health from medium and high-level radiation are relatively well-understood, the risks at lower levels are less clear. Mixed messages about the safety of low doses of radiation from different sources have created confusio

2017-09-19 10:19:38

Northrop Grumman to buy space firm Orbital for $9.2 bn  

New York (AFP) Sept 18, 2017 US defense group Northrop Grumman will buy out the rocket and missile maker Orbital ATK in a deal worth $9.2 billion, the firms said on Monday. The announcement comes around two weeks after industrial conglomerate United Technologies acquired aerospace supplier Rockwell Collins in a $30 billion deal. "Northrop Grumman will acquire Orbital ATK for approximately $7.8 billion in cash, plus

2017-09-19 10:18:35

China's BeiDou-3 satellites get new chips  

Beijing (XNA) Sep 19, 2017 A new chip for the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) was unveiled on Saturday by the Global Navigation Satellite System and Location Based Service (GNSS and LBS) Association of China (GLAC). The chip supports the new generation of BeiDou-3 satellites for high-precision navigation and positioning. The positioning accuracy of the chip reaches the sub-meter level without ground-based a

2017-09-19 09:56:01

Chinese company eyes development of reusable launch vehicle  

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Sep 19, 2017 One of Chinese startups appears to be following in the footsteps of SpaceX as it has lately laid out its own project of reusable space launch system. Link Space, the country's first private rocket company, has recently presented the design of its New Line 1 (also known as Xin Gan Xian 1) launch vehicle, which could compete with SpaceX's Falcon 9 in the future. Link Space uncovered the desi

2017-09-19 09:35:17

Splashdown! Crashing into Martian mud  

Paris (ESA) Sep 19, 2017 An impactor smashing into an ice-rich surface gave rise to the complex flow features around this ancient crater on Mars. Impacts of comets and asteroids have shaped the surfaces of rocky planets and moons over the Solar System's 4.6 billion year history, and can reveal environmental conditions at the time of their formation. During an impact, the energy transferred to the ground goes into

2017-09-19 08:24:22

GRACE Mission Making Plans for Final Science Data Collection  

Washington DC (SPX) Sep 19, 2017 With one of its twin satellites almost out of fuel after more than 15 years of chasing each other around our planet to measure Earth's ever-changing gravity field, the operations team for the U.S./German Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission is making plans for an anticipated final science collection. On Sept. 3, one of 20 battery cells aboard the GRACE-2 satellite stoppe

2017-09-19 06:17:17

Sentinel-5P launch preparations in full swing  

Plesetsk, Russia (ESA) Sep 19, 2017 With liftoff set for 13 October, engineers at Russia's Plesetsk launch site are steaming ahead with the task of getting Europe's next Copernicus satellite ready for its journey into orbit. The Sentinel-5P satellite has been at Plesetsk in northern Russia for almost two weeks. So far, it has been taken out of its transport container, positioned for testing and engineers have started ticking

2017-09-19 05:29:37

Aerojet Rocketdyne propulsion guides Cassini to its Grand Finale at Saturn  

Sacramento CA (SPX) Sep 19, 2017 Aerojet Rocketdyne played a vital role in the planned plunge of NASA's Cassini spacecraft into Saturn. As the spacecraft entered the atmosphere, Aerojet Rocketdyne's onboard Reaction Control Thrusters worked to counter atmospheric torques, helping Cassini fight to keep its high-gain antenna pointed at Earth as it relayed its final data to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. These measurements of t

2017-09-19 04:05:45

Dragon Splashes Down in Pacific With NASA Science Experiments  

Washington DC (SPX) Sep 19, 2017 SpaceX's Dragon cargo craft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at approximately 10:14 a.m. EDT, southwest of Long Beach, California, and the recovery process is underway, marking the end of the company's twelfth contracted cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station for NASA. Expedition 53 Flight Engineer Paolo Nespoli of ESA (European Space Agency) and International Space St

2017-09-19 03:34:21

NASA's Robotic 'Sniffer' Confirms Space Station Leak, Repair  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 19, 2017 In recent operations on the International Space Station, robotic operators were twice able to test and confirm the ability of the Robotic External Leak Locator (RELL) to "smell" in space. Using the RELL instruments, operators successfully located a small leak from the station's ammonia coolant loop, and confirmed that it was not a safety concern. Later they were able to return and more precisely

2017-09-19 01:27:06

Dormant, Yet Always-Alert Sensor Awakes Only in the Presence of a Signal of Interest  

Washington DC (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Here's your task. Build a tiny sensor that detects a signature of infrared (IR) wavelengths characteristic of a hot tailpipe, a wood fire, or perhaps even a human being. Design the sensor so that it can remain dormant and unattended but always alert, even for years, without drawing on battery power. And build the sensor so that the act of detection itself can initiate the emission of a signal th

2017-09-17 15:31:39

Venus's Mysterious Night Side Revealed  

Paris (ESA) Sep 15, 2017 Scientists have used ESA's Venus Express to characterise the wind and upper cloud patterns on the night side of Venus for the first time-with surprising results. The study shows that atmosphere on Venus' night side behaves very differently to that on the side of the planet facing the Sun (the 'dayside'), exhibiting unexpected and previously-unseen cloud types, morphologies, and dynamics -

2017-09-17 15:10:51

Teledyne e2v contract to supply light detectors for PLATO planet-hunting spacecraft  

Chelmsford UK (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded Teledyne e2v a 42M euro ($47M) contract to produce high-end Charge Coupled Device (CCD) visible-light detectors for the PLATO (Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars) mission. PLATO is a planet-hunting spacecraft capable of discovering and characterising Earth-like exoplanets around nearby Sun-like stars. Its instrumentation consists of 26

2017-09-17 13:36:31

SLS Core Stage Simulator Will Pave Way for Mission Success  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 To reduce the risk of first-time operations with one-of-a-kind spaceflight hardware for NASA's Space Launch System (SLS), the agency built a core stage pathfinder similar in size, shape and weight to the 212-foot-tall core stage. Like SLS, the core stage pathfinder will be doing something that's never been done - testing new shipping and handling equipment and procedures from the manufactu

2017-09-17 12:50:54

The return of the comet-like exoplanet  

Geneva, Switzerland (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Astronomers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, also members of the PlanetS National Centre of Competence in Research, have been working on a joint project with the universities of Berne, Warwick, Grenoble Alpes and the Paris Institute of Astrophysics. The research team focused the Hubble Space Telescope on an exoplanet that had already been seen losing its atmosphere, whic

2017-09-17 12:25:40

NASA's $3.9 bn Cassini spacecraft makes death plunge into Saturn  

Tampa FL (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 After 20 years in space, NASA's famed Cassini spacecraft made its final death plunge into Saturn on Friday, ending a storied mission that scientists say taught us nearly everything we know about Saturn today and transformed the way we think about life elsewhere in the solar system. Cassini, an international project that cost $3.9 billion and included scientists from 27 nations, disintegrat

2017-09-17 12:20:16

More cities in the DRCongo get satellite-enabled high-speed connectivity  

Luxembourg (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 SES Networks' longtime customer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Gilat Telecom, has expanded the satellite capacity under contract with SES Networks in the country, now topping more than 3.0 Gbps. Gilat has been providing Kinshasa, the capital and largest city in DRC, with expansive internet connectivity services for many years, and has seen unprecedented network reliability

2017-09-17 11:41:15

Artificial 'skin' gives robotic hand a sense of touch  

Houston TX (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 A team of researchers from the University of Houston has reported a breakthrough in stretchable electronics that can serve as an artificial skin, allowing a robotic hand to sense the difference between hot and cold, while also offering advantages for a wide range of biomedical devices. The work, reported in the journal Science Advances, describes a new mechanism for producing stretchable e

2017-09-17 10:46:56

Keeping NASA's James Webb Space Telescope in the dark  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 This bunny-suited technician is performing the important task of ensuring no unwanted infrared light interferes with the optical testing of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope inside of Chamber A at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. Because of the Webb telescope's extreme sensitivity to infrared light, the shroud was made nearly impervious to outside light sources that could contaminat

2017-09-17 07:13:41

New prediction of a detection wavelength for searching phototrophs on exoplanets  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 M-dwarfs or red dwarfs are small (0.5-0.1 solar-masses) and cool ( ~3000 Kelvin) stars, and are abundant in universe. The Sun-like stars have been attracting most attention as a plausible target for searching habitable exoplanets. However, nearby M-dwarfs are becoming the most extensive targets for habitable planet searches because they are the most abundant nearby stars and thus could be the fi

2017-09-17 06:06:21

Air Force activates new satellites for tracking space objects  

Washington (UPI) Sep 15, 2017 The 1st Space Operations Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, has activated two satellites as part of their Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program. The program is a network of satellites designed to track objects in orbit ranging from other satellites to space debris for U.S. Strategic Command. It first became operational in 2015. "GSSAP 3 and 4 will signif

2017-09-17 05:20:47

BeiDou navigation to cover Belt and Road countries by 2018  

Beijing (XNA) Sep 15, 2017 China's home-grown BeiDou Navigation Satellite System will cover countries and regions along the Belt and Road by 2018, said an official at the China National Space Administration (CNSA) Monday. Wu Yanhua, deputy head of the CNSA, said the plan was based on the satellite system's improving regional services, which had been cooperating with various countries and regional organizations.

2017-09-17 03:08:05

Study shows star formation influenced by environmental conditions  

Washington (UPI) Sep 15, 2017 Scientists at Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen have determined that new star formation is influenced by local environmental conditions. According to the classical model, a star is formed when a prestellar core, a roundish accumulation containing 99 percent gas and 1 percent dust, collapses due to overweight, resulting in the formation of a star in the center of the c

2017-09-17 02:29:07

US Air Force Awards Lockheed Martin GPS M-Code Early Use Ground System Upgrade Contract  

Denver CO (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 The U.S. Air Force awarded Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) a $45.5 million contract to provide Military Code (M-Code) Early Use (MCEU) capability to the Global Positioning System (GPS). Part of the Air Force's overall modernization plan for the GPS, M-Code is an advanced, new signal designed to improve anti-jamming and protection from spoofing, as well as to increase secure access, to military

2017-09-17 02:17:02

Tough stuff: Spider silk enhanced with graphene-based materials  

Washington DC (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Researchers from the Graphene Flagship have demonstrated that graphene-based materials can be used to boost the properties of spider's silk. The silk - produced naturally by the spiders, incorporating graphene and carbon nanotubes (rolled up graphene sheets) introduced in their environment - had enhanced mechanical properties of up to three times the strength and ten times the toughness of the u

2017-09-17 01:54:29

Who is the chief culprit of dust concentrations over East Asia?  

Beijing, China (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Dust, one of the major aerosol species contributing to the global aerosol burden and optical depth, is a very active component in the physical, chemical and biogeochemical cycle of the Earth system. In addition, dust aerosols induce tremendous adverse effects on the social and economic development. A case study for the dust storm in Beijing indicated that total economic loss due to dust st

2017-09-15 08:53:30

Could interstellar ice provide the answer to birth of DNA  

York UK (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Researchers at the University of York have shown that molecules brought to earth in meteorite strikes could potentially be converted into the building blocks of DNA. They found that organic compounds, called amino nitriles, the molecular precursors to amino acids, were able to use molecules present in interstellar ice to trigger the formation of the backbone molecule, 2-deoxy-D-ribose, of

2017-09-15 07:51:48

Team gathers unprecedented data on atmosphere's organic chemistry  

Boston MA (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 For a few weeks over the summer in 2011, teams of scientists from around the world converged on a small patch of ponderosa pine forest in Colorado to carry out one of the most detailed, extended survey of atmospheric chemistry ever attempted in one place, in many cases using new measurement devices created especially for this project. Now, after years of analysis, their comprehensive synthesis o

2017-09-15 07:18:12

Arianespace to orbit four Galileo satellites on two Ariane 62 launches  

Kourou, French Guiana (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Arianespace will launch four new satellites for the Galileo constellation, using two Ariane 62 versions of the next-generation Ariane 6 rocket from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. The contract will be conducted by the European Space Agency (ESA) on behalf of the European Commission (DG Growth) and the European Union. Stephane Israel, Arianespace Chief Executive Officer, and

2017-09-15 06:53:25

Spacecraft passes docking test  

Beijing (XNA) Sep 15, 2017 China's cargo spacecraft Tianzhou 1 completed an automated fast-docking operation with the Tiangong II space laboratory late on Tuesday night, according to the China Manned Space Agency. Tianzhou 1 began its approach to the space lab at 5:24 pm and spent six and a half hours for the docking, which was completed at 11:58 pm, the agency said in a news release. It was the third docking

2017-09-15 06:07:35

Diet tracker in space  

Paris (ESA) Sep 15, 2017 Whether you are on a diet or just want to be healthier, you might be one of those millions of people around the planet who use a mobile app to track everything you eat. The trend has arrived in space: European astronauts are now logging their meals on a tablet to make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrients. An optimal diet, paired with constant exercise, is essential to counte

2017-09-15 05:14:21

Cassini Spacecraft Demise Is Bittersweet for PSI's Hansen  

Tucson AZ (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 When the Cassini spacecraft ends its mission Friday morning, melting and breaking apart in Saturn's atmosphere, Candy Hansen will be filled with sadness as well as satisfaction. Hansen, a Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, began working on the Cassini mission to Saturn in 1990 with the Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS) investigation team, responsible for planning an

2017-09-15 04:56:16

Bleak outlook for Asian glaciers  

Paris (AFP) Sept 13, 2017 Asia's mountain glaciers will lose at least a third of their mass through global warming by century's end, with dire consequences for millions of people who rely on them for fresh water, researchers said Wednesday. This is a best-case scenario, based on the assumption that the world manages to limit average global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial le

2017-09-15 04:49:50

Hubble observes pitch black planet  

Munich, Germany (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Astronomers have discovered that the well-studied exoplanet WASP-12b reflects almost no light, making it appear essentially pitch black. This discovery sheds new light on the atmospheric composition of the planet and also refutes previous hypotheses about WASP-12b's atmosphere. The results are also in stark contrast to observations of another similarly sized exoplanet. Using the Space Tele

2017-09-15 04:38:42

Spectra Airbus SlingShot Partnership Extension  

London, UK (SPX) Sep 12, 2017 Spectra Group (UK) Ltd has announced an extension of the SlingShot sales partnership with Airbus. SlingShot is a cost-effective solution that enables secure BLOS COTM (Beyond Line Of Sight Communications On The Move) using in-service tactical radios connected to a global commercial satellite network provider. Using SlingShot, existing tactical radios can be connected to commercial L-Band S

2017-09-15 04:21:16

Army, UMD researchers develop water-based lithium-ion batteries that don't explode  

Adelphi MD (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the University of Maryland have developed for the first time a lithium-ion battery that uses a water-salt solution as its electrolyte and reaches the 4.0 volt mark desired for household electronics, such as laptop computers, without the fire and explosive risks associated with some commercially available non-aqueous lithium-ion batteries.

2017-09-15 03:31:48

Infostellar closes new funding for satellite antenna sharing platform with Airbus Ventures  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Infostellar has announced a $7.3 million Series A investment, led by Airbus Ventures, with additional funds from WERU Investment, D4V, Sony Innovation Fund, and existing investors, FreakOut Holdings, and 500 Startups Japan. This financing will be used to fund the launch of Infostellar's flagship platform, StellarStation, expand its network of partner antennas, and hire additional talented team m

2017-09-15 03:24:11

Taking a deep breath in the North Atlantic  

Kiel, Germany (SPX) Sep 07, 2017 The Labrador Sea in the North Atlantic is one of the few areas in the world ocean where cold, saline seawater sinks to large depths and forms deep water. This convection process also transports oxygen into the deep sea. A team of scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography (San Diego, California), Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research

2017-09-15 01:46:39

Satcube Demonstrates New Carry-On 20Mbps Terminal with Embedded UHP Modem  

Montreal, Canada (SPX) Sep 15, 2017 Satcube AB is showing its new Ku band lightweight terminal with an integrated UHP-200 modem at Hall 3, C16 and demonstrating it outside in the Broadcast Solutions booth. The integrated UHP-200 modem enables performance up to 20Mbps duplex performance with Intelsat EPIC or, with SCPC activated, up to 45 Mbps duplex. On non-HTS satellites, such as the Romantis network, the modem enables perf

2017-09-15 01:14:59

Astronauts don't develop anemia during spaceflight, NASA study suggests  

Houston TX (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Space flight anemia - the reduction of circulating red blood cells (RBCs) during time spent in space - is an established phenomenon, but it may not be a major concern during long-duration space missions, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Hematology. Dr Richard Simpson; associate professor at The University of Arizona and the University of Houston, co-author of t

2017-09-14 15:32:50

Hibernation Over, New Horizons Continues Kuiper Belt Cruise  

Laurel MD (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 A long summer break ended for NASA's New Horizons on Sept. 11, as the spacecraft "woke" itself on schedule from a five-month hibernation period. Signals confirming that New Horizons had executed on-board computer commands to exit hibernation reached mission operations at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, Maryland, via NASA's Deep Space Network station in Madrid, Spain, at 12:55 p.

2017-09-14 14:35:16

CU Boulder Scientists Ready for Cassini Mission to Saturn Grand Finale  

Boulder CO (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 University of Colorado Boulder Professor Larry Esposito has been eying the fabulous rings of Saturn for much of his career, beginning as a team scientist on NASA's Pioneer 11 mission when he discovered the planet's faint F ring in 1979. He followed that up with observations of Jupiter's and Saturn's rings from the Voyager and Galileo spacecraft, which carried instruments designed and built

2017-09-14 14:25:22

Orbital ATK Begins Assembly of Industry's First Commercial In-Space Satellite Servicing System  

Dulles VA (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Orbital ATK reports significant progress on the industry's first commercial in-space satellite servicing system. The (MEV-1) spacecraft successfully completed its critical design review earlier this year and is now in production with about 75% of the platform and payload components already delivered to the company's Satellite Manufacturing Facility in Virginia. The spacecraft will begin

2017-09-14 10:53:37

NASA's one-year mission investigates how space affects astronauts' functional performance  

Houston TX (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 Adapting to the microgravity environment of space changes the way your brain interprets sensory signals, decreases muscle strength and alters cardiovascular function. Astronauts will need to overcome these changes to perform critical mission tasks on a journey to Mars. Simple tasks on Earth such as exiting a vehicle becomes more crucial when stepping foot in an unfamiliar world. Maintaining bala

2017-09-14 10:34:01

Researchers create first global map of water in moon's soil  

Providence RI (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 In research that may prove useful to future lunar explorers, scientists from Brown University have created the first quantitative map of water and its chemical building blocks trapped in the uppermost portion of the Moon's soil. The study, published in Science Advances, builds on the initial discovery in 2009 of water and a related molecule - hydroxyl, which consists of one atom each of hy

2017-09-14 09:54:57

ArianeGroup to supply from Boeing satellite with new generation of electric propulsion  

Paris (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 Boeing and the Orbital Propulsion section of ArianeGroup are jointly developing a next-generation ion propulsion system based on the dual-mode Radio Frequency Ion Thruster (RIT) 2X subsystem. Germany via DLR's Space Administration and Spain via CDTI (Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) are supporting the development through their respective contributions to the Eur

2017-09-14 07:24:37

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Climbing Toward Ridge Top  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Sep 14, 2017 NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has begun the steep ascent of an iron-oxide-bearing ridge that's grabbed scientists' attention since before the car-sized rover's 2012 landing. "We're on the climb now, driving up a route where we can access the layers we've studied from below," said Abigail Fraeman, a Curiosity science-team member at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. "Ve

2017-09-14 05:47:04

Cassini readies final plunge into Saturn  

Washington (AFP) Sept 13, 2017 NASA's Cassini probe is counting its final hours before one last plunge into Saturn on Friday that will cap a fruitful 13-year mission that greatly expanded knowledge about the gas giant. While orbiting Saturn nearly 300 times, Cassini made major discoveries, such as the liquid methane seas of the planet's giant moon Titan and the sprawling subsurface ocean of Enceladus, a small Saturn moon.

2017-09-14 05:38:22

Volcanic carbon dioxide drove ancient global warming event  

Southampton UK (SPX) Sep 04, 2017 New research, led by the University of Southampton and involving a team of international scientists, suggests that an extreme global warming event 56 million years ago was driven by massive CO2 emissions from volcanoes, during the formation of the North Atlantic Ocean. The study, published in Nature, used a combination of new geochemical measurements and novel global climate modelling to s

2017-09-14 04:48:18

India, Japan Set to Boost Space Cooperation  

New Delhi (Sputnik) Sep 13, 2017 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's upcoming visit to India starting Wednesday is expected to set the pace for greater cooperation between the two countries, especially in the aerospace sector. Indian private companies have already expressed keen interest in forging collaborations with the Japanese counterparts. TeamIndus, a Bengaluru-based private aerospace company, which gained global a

2017-09-14 02:28:07

European Aviation satellite is ready for commercial service  

Paris, France (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 Inmarsat has confirmed that the European Aviation satellite has successfully completed in-orbit tests and is ready to support inflight internet services when the European Aviation Network (EAN) goes 'live' later this year. The satellite, built by France's Thales Alenia Space, was launched by Arianespace in June this year. EAN is the world's first dedicated aviation connectivity solution to

2017-09-14 02:20:15

New Gravity Map Suggests Mars Has a Porous Crust  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 NASA scientists have found evidence that Mars' crust is not as dense as previously thought, a clue that could help researchers better understand the Red Planet's interior structure and evolution. A lower density likely means that at least part of Mars' crust is relatively porous. At this point, however, the team cannot rule out the possibility of a different mineral composition or perhaps a thin

2017-09-14 01:16:13

NASA-funded research at USC provides evidence of ground-ice on asteroids  

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Sep 14, 2017 Research at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering has revealed new evidence for the occurrence of ground ice on the protoplanet Vesta. The work, under the sponsorship of NASA's Planetary Geology and Geophysics program, is part of ongoing efforts at USC Viterbi to improve water detectability techniques in terrestrial and planetary subsurfaces using radar and microwave imaging techniques. Th

2017-09-14 01:07:23

EUMETSAT signs with Arianespace for first Metop-SG satellite launch  

Paris (SPX) Sep 13, 2017 Arianespace and EUMETSAT announce the signature of a contract entrusting Arianespace with the launch of the first two Metop-SG satellites of the EUMETSAT Polar System of Second Generation (EPS-SG), plus an option for the launch of a third satellite, to be performed from the Guiana Space Center - Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The launches are scheduled in the 2021-2023 timefr

2017-09-13 15:40:25

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