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For a Killer Thanksgiving Vegetarian Main Dish, Stuff Your Pumpkins  

A grand vegetarian main course can be hard to pull off, but these stuffed pumpkins, with a rich filling of mushrooms, kale, Gruyère cheese, and more, can easily hold their own against any large holiday roast. This Thanksgiving, say good-bye to tofurkey. Read More

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2018-10-23 12:00:34

Nahm Chef Pim Techamuanvivit Is Opening a New Restaurant in San Francisco  

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2018-10-23 10:38:40

Order a Serious Eats Gift Box: Our Favorites, Delivered to Your Kitchen  

CrateChef and Serious Eats have partnered for a curated gift box of kitchen tools and cooking ingredients, sold through November at a great value. Read More

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2018-10-23 10:30:01

Chick-fil-A Has Dethroned Starbucks as the Teens' Favorite Restaurant  

Plus, World Central Kitchen has served 100,000 meals in Florida, and more food news Teens turn their back on the 'Bucks Sorry, Starbucks, the teens have spoken, and you are no longer their favorite chain. Insert that Drake meme or the distracted boyfriend here. A new survey reveals the chicken-sandwich chain has become the number one fast-food destination for youths of both upper and average income groups for the first time ever, reports Nation's Restaurant News. Starbucks...

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2018-10-23 09:12:02

Fancy Food Things to Buy If You Win the $1.6 Billion Lottery Jackpot  

Treat yourself to 16,507 kilos of the world's most expensive caviar, or a majority stake of hip coffee chain Blue Bottle Remember the Barenaked Ladies song "If I Had $1,000,000," in which Ed Robinson and Steven Page sing about all of the things they would buy if they had $1,000,000? The year 1992, when that song was released, must have been a sweet, naive time, because if there's a jackpot winner in tonight's Mega Millions lottery drawing, that person will get to deci...

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2018-10-23 09:05:01

Cocoa Cappuccino Mousse  

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2018-10-23 07:00:00

The 'Goldilocks' of Kitchen Scales That Aspiring Bakers Should Buy  

"It wasn't too big, or too small, or too expensive, or too cheap..." All pastry chefs worth their salt know the importance of a good kitchen scale for precisely measuring out flour, sugar, baking soda, and other dessert essentials. When Umber Ahmad, the founder of one of New York's most popular cookie and cake destinations, Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery, started her business in 2013, she obsessively read reviews of various kitchen scales. "I didn't want a tiny scale, but I d...

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2018-10-22 15:39:48

Your Next Culinary Destination Should be Bogotá   

From the Editor: A new travel guide and more Spotted Pig news This post originally appeared on October 20, 2018, in Amanda Kludt's newsletter "From the Editor," a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now. Back in July, I dedicated my newsletter to a recent research trip to Bogota to help out with the latest in our series of bi-annual international guides. I won't go into it all again, but know that t...

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2018-10-22 12:38:55

Montreal Deli Blames Trump Tariffs for Killing Beloved Smoked Meat and Soda Pairing  

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2018-10-22 12:11:57

Vivian Howard's 'A Chef's Life' Ends With a Harvest-Themed Special   

After five seasons, the award-winning Southern food show is going off the air Vivian Howard's good-natured food show A Chef's Life is wrapping up its run this evening with an hour-long harvest-themed series finale on PBS. Howard will mark the end of the show with a big, autumnal meal out in the middle of a cornfield. Over the last five seasons of A Chef's Life, the North Carolina chef/restaurateur has explored Southern cuisine one ingredient at a time. In this final epi...

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2018-10-22 11:54:08

What It's Like to Be a Server When You Stutter  

More than 10 percent of people who stutter work in food service, but their voices aren't always heard Imagine working as a server during brunch at a busy restaurant, walking up to a table of six, and being unable to say your name. Putting an order in at the bar, stuttering on half of the drinks, and being laughed at by your coworkers — again. Shuffling through a list of synonyms in your mind all day to avoid words starting with the letter "W" ("water" is out; so is ...

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2018-10-22 10:39:23

Restaurant Food May Soon Fly Through the Air on Uber Drones  

Plus, the U.K. is banning plastic straws, and more food news to start the week A chilling vision of our dystopian food future Uber, which just valued its restaurant-delivery side project, UberEats, at $20 billion, is going to launch food-delivery drones by 2021, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company hasn't made any official announcements regarding this move, but a help wanted ad for an operations executive spilled the beans. A spokesperson for Uber tells the Jou...

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2018-10-22 09:25:44

Mitch McConnell Heckled by Protesters During Dinner Out, Again  

The Senate majority leader reportedly had his doggie bag snatched right off the table at a Cuban restaurant in Louisville Mitch McConnell may want to stick with delivery for a while: The Senate majority leader's dinner was interrupted by four furious protesters over the weekend, marking at least the third time since July that the conservative lawmaker has been confronted by his constituents at restaurants. The incident took place at Havana Rumba, a Cuban restaurant in Louisv...

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2018-10-22 09:02:02

Stir-Fried Crab Curry (Poo Pad Pong Garee)  

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2018-10-22 07:00:00

America Needs More Restaurants Like Suraya  

The Philly standout is serving the some of America's finest Lebanese dishes, with reverence that all the varied regional cuisines of the Middle East deserve This post originally appeared in Bill Addison's newsletter "Notes From a Roving Critic," a twice-monthly dispatch from Bill's travels across the country. Browse the archives and subscribe now. The end of 2018 is suddenly a shimmer on the horizon, and to distract myself from obsessing over the Midterm elections ...

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2018-10-21 22:15:02

The Best Moments of Anthony Bourdain's Trip to West Texas on 'Parts Unknown'   

Tony gets a look at what life is like on the U.S.-Mexico border In the fifth episode of Parts Unknown's twelfth and final season, late host Anthony Bourdain takes in the vast space and hardscrabble land of West Texas, near the United States-Mexico border. With talk of putting up a wall between the two countries and a hostile attitude toward immigrants from President Donald Trump and his administration, it may be a surprise to find so many Texans who actually live near the bor...

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2018-10-21 17:49:55

Watch: How Illinois Fisherman Turned the Invasive Asian Carp Business Model  

How to Make It spends the day on the Illinois river Spending a day fishing Asian carp in the Illinois river has proven to be one of those experiences that resonates with me long after. A career in kitchens may have given me a "I can handle anything" mentality that generally prepares me to walk in to any work environment, but I found myself at the bottom of the totem pole during my time on the river with captain Orion Briney. The day started at 5:00 a.m. on a rainy, cold m...

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2018-10-20 09:12:01

Netflix's 'The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell' Is the Perfect Halloween Show  

Streaming recommendations for the weekend, plus a roundup of the week's food-entertainment news This post originally appeared on October 19, 2018, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome back to Friday, the day of the week that feels like finding a regular-sized candy bar in a loot bag full of fun-sized treats. We're definitely cruising through a period of peak ...

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2018-10-19 17:21:03

Scenes From Anthony Bourdain's Trip to West Texas on 'Parts Unknown'  

The author/TV host filled up on Tex-Mex delicacies during his trip to Marfa and its environs This Sunday, October 21, CNN will air the Parts Unknown episode chronicling Anthony Bourdain's trip to West Texas. Some new clips from this episode show Bourdain breaking bread with farmers and cowboys, while discussing the local way of life and the area's relationship with Mexico. Like many of the best Parts Unknown chapters, it looks like Bourdain's dining agenda mostly include...

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2018-10-19 14:12:47

Watch: Potato Pancakes and Dumplings at California's Only Lithuanian Restaurant  

In this episode of Cooking in America, Sheldon Simeon visits what's said to be the only Lithuanian restaurant west of Chicago "As Lithuanians, when we come to the United States — especially the west coast — there's no Lithuanian food," says Vaidas Sukys, recalling his early travels around the world, most of them far from his hometown. Sukys knew he needed to open Mama Papa Lithuania — said to be the only Lithuanian restaurant west of Chicago — so that other Lith...

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2018-10-19 12:53:18

The South's Most Anticipated Opening Redefines the Southern Lunch Counter  

The Grey Market is a Southern lunch counter and New York bodega in one in Savannah Soon after chef Mashama Bailey and restaurateur Johno Morisano transformed a once-segregated Greyhound bus station into the Grey in late 2014, the Savannah restaurant was hailed as one of the best in the country. It has never stopped succeeding, either: Just last year, the Grey was named Eater's restaurant of the year, and this year, Bailey earned her first James Beard Award nomination for Best...

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2018-10-19 11:12:08

How Food Empire Zingerman's Was Built on Anarchist Theory  

On Start to Sale Ari Weinzweig discusses the real meaning of synergy and non-hierarchical thought Zingerman's, a group of 20 loosely associated businesses mostly focused on hospitality and food in the Ann Arbor area, encompasses a deli, bakehouse, restaurant, creamery, training organization, candy business, tour company and more. Behind it all sits co-founder Ari Weinzweig, an inspirational figure who spurns the idea of growth for growth sake, refuses to duplicate any busines...

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2018-10-19 11:02:02

'Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat' Is Marxist Fantasy Porn  

What would the world look like if all workers were this close to the soil? In the new Netflix show Salt Fat Acid Heat — based off the bestselling book by, and starring, chef Samin Nosrat — all the food production is extremely inefficient. Whether it's traditionally brewed soy sauce in Japan (which ferments in the barrel for two years) or flavored honeys in Mexico (which are delicately extracted from a hive via tiny syringe), Nosrat goes out of her way to tell us how littl...

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2018-10-19 10:46:16

State of the Slice, Part 2: The 27 Pizza Spots That Define New York Slice Culture  

The definitive list of pizza slice joints that will help you understand the state of the New York slice in 2018. Read More

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2018-10-19 10:30:32

More Trader Joe's Salads Recalled, This Time Due to Salmonella and Listeria  

Plus, Lucky Peach co-founder Peter Meehan is heading to the Los Angeles Times, and more food news to close out the week Check you fridge, Trader Joe's shoppers Crunchy grocery chain Trader Joe's is once again recalling salads over food safety concerns. The company is pulling a variety of "fresh salads" from shelves in nine states — Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and New Mexico — due to possible salmonella and listeria co...

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2018-10-19 10:21:00

David Chang Plants the Fuku Flag in Boston  

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2018-10-19 10:10:03

Buying Your Own Chopsticks? Here Are Some Factors to Consider  

There are far more differences between chopsticks than you may realize When it comes to styles of chopsticks, there are cultural differences: Japanese chopsticks are typically pointier, for example, while Chinese chopsticks have blunt ends, and Chinese and Vietnamese chopsticks tend to be longer than those used for Korean or Japanese cuisines. From the material to the length, the East Asian utensil comes in more forms than some diners may realize. Layered on top of that is pe

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2018-10-19 09:02:01

Rice O'Brien  

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2018-10-19 07:00:00

Alison Brie Keeps Two Jars of Almond Butter in Her Fridge at All Times  

The "Glow" star reveals her favorite dishes to order out and make at home Alison Brie has played a range of popular characters on television and the big screen — a Stepford-y, scorned wife on Mad Men, a type-A student on Community, a "misunderstood intellectual" on BoJack Horseman — but in Netflix's Glow, she shines as a dogged actress willing to slum it on Doritos and other vending-machine fare in order to make it on the small screen. Brie's character in the ...

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2018-10-18 18:17:48

Watch: Sumac Chicken, Hummus, and Flatbread Complete a Syrian-Palestinian Feast  

Chef Reem Assil is serving the flavors of her Arab heritage at Dyafa in Oakland "This restaurant is an homage not just to my culture as an Arab, but my culture as an Oaklander," says Dyafa chef and owner, Reem Assil. Born into a Palestinian-Syrian home, Assil has long been devoted to sharing the voice of her Arab heritage with the community in Oakland, California. Dyafa's menu focuses on the Levantine part of the Arab world — namely Syria and Palestine — and in this...

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2018-10-18 15:32:57

13 Easy Cast Iron Skillet Dessert Recipes  

13 desserts that gives you an excuse to whip out our favorite kitchen tool, the cast iron skillet. Read More

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2018-10-18 13:00:30

Watch a Fresh Clip From the New Kentucky-Themed Season of 'Top Chef'   

The gang returns for a new culinary competition this December Here come the cheftestepants: The 16th season of Top Chef, Bravo's time-honored culinary competition, premieres Thursday, December 6, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the network announced Thursday. Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Graham Elliot, and all their friends head to Kentucky for a new set of challenges that, if the just-released trailer is any indication, will be laden with plenty of bourbon, horses, and that patented Top C...

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2018-10-18 12:33:15

Unpacking the Collateral Damage of Restaurateur Ken Friedman  

This week on the Upsell, Meghan McCarron discusses the latest in the sexual harassment scandal surrounding the Spotted Pig's Ken Friedman On the latest episode of the Eater Upsell podcast, we speak with special correspondent Meghan McCarron about this week's three big stories revolving around shamed restaurateur Ken Friedman and the powerful women who were unfortunate enough to partner with him. New York Magazine examines Gabrielle Hamilton and Ashley Merriman's decision ...

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2018-10-18 11:45:00

Watch: What Does Pork From Weed-Fed Pigs Taste Like?  

A cannabis diet for pigs can alter the taste of pork, but not in the way you may be thinking "The number one question on my mind is: 'Are these pigs getting high'," says Ben Turley, referring to the pigs on an Oregon farm who are fed a diet that includes cannabis. Turley and his Prime Time co-host Brent Young are visiting Moto Perpetuo Farm in Forest Grove, Oregon in this episode, where the meat experts are talking to farmer Dave Tyson about his mission, and chef Vitaly...

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2018-10-18 11:02:01

Here Come Fancy Convenience Stores, aka Gentrified 7-Elevens  

With their quinoa bibimbap bowls and $18 "vegan-friendly" condoms, these upscale mini-marts are no replacement for the traditional bodega Some people run to their local convenience store for a morning coffee and doughnut; others make a late-night trip for Cheetos and a six-pack or an emergency stop for toilet paper. But at Clover Grocery, a corner market in Manhattan's West Village that opened last September and has been referred to as everything from a "wellness bodega...

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2018-10-18 10:38:46

Mad Scientists at Chick-fil-A Concoct Drinkable Key Lime Pie  

Plus, Meghan Markle makes a "rather tasty" banana bread, and more food news Chick-fil-A wants customers to drink their pie Atlanta-based chicken-sandwich chain Chick-fil-A is testing out a new beverage: a "frosted key lime." This, according to Food Beast, is made of lemonade, vanilla soft serve, and sugar-free lime flavoring. It's currently available in Austin, Texas, for a limited time, and a small serving runs $3.39. The frozen treat's color, a pleasant pale gree...

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2018-10-18 10:30:01

Eater Young Guns: Help Us Find the Best New Talent in the Restaurant World  

Chefs, butchers, bakers, managers, sommeliers, captains — who are the ones to watch in 2019? Before she won Top Chef, Mei Lin was an Eater Young Gun. Before she won a James Beard Award, Jessica Largey was an Eater Young Gun. Before his second restaurant became the hottest in New York City, Fabian von Hauske Valtierra was an Eater Young Gun. And now, it's time to start looking for our class of 2019. What is Eater Young Guns? Since 2012, Eater has honored up-and-coming ta...

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2018-10-18 10:17:41

How Slow Food's Elitism Only Fueled My Craving for McDonald's  

Carlo Petrini's cult-like food movement is one for the privileged I used to live a double life. By day, I preached a certain gospel. I wove through the dining rooms of two farm-to-table restaurants in Brooklyn, peppering conversations with words like "sustainable," "free-range," and "small-batch"; as adherents to the Slow Food movement, my employers placed sourcing and culture above cost in our operational hierarchy. Regularly, men carting whole chickens, ducks, a...

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2018-10-18 10:12:35

Lasagna Supreme  

A traditional style lasagna layered with a beef filling, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses.

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2018-10-18 07:00:00

Salmon Shepherd's Pie  

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2018-10-18 07:00:00

Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Seoul  

Two restaurants get two stars for the first time in Michelin's third guide to the city For the third year running, the tire purveyors over at Michelin have offered up their take on Seoul's dining scene. The 2019 guide to South Korea's capital includes two restaurants with two Michelin stars for the first time, along with four new one-star restaurants. Mingles, chef Mingoo Kang's modern Korean restaurant (an Eater essential) was bumped up to the two-star level after ma...

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2018-10-17 18:50:29

Food Service Workers Reveal Culture of Harassment and Misconduct at Terranea Resort  

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2018-10-17 18:40:07

Bay Area Chef Accused of Sexual Harassment Apologizes After Tone-Deaf First Apology  

Charlie Hallowell's joke about submitting to a dunk tank as penance did not sit well with the Oakland community Bay Area chef and restaurateur Charlie Hallowell is having a deservedly rocky start to his attempted comeback, which he's kicked into gear after more than 30 employees accused him of sexual harassment in December 2017. Hallowell, who stepped down from his restaurants last December, had issued an an apology email addressed to the Oakland community last week in whic...

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2018-10-17 15:41:18

This Dunkin' Donuts Airbnb Only Costs $10 a Night  

And it literally runs on Dunkin' (ugh) Maybe it's the harbinger of a future fueled by coffee or maybe it's just another brand stunt, but Dunkin' Donuts (now simply Dunkin') is getting very literal with its "America runs on Dunkin'" tagline by constructing a tiny house that partially runs on fuel from spent coffee grounds. The 275-square-foot home made its debut as an installation in New York earlier this month and is now listed for rent on Airbnb for a mere $10 ...

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2018-10-17 13:05:32

The Navajo Nation Is Reclaiming Its Native Food Culture  

Widespread poverty and food deserts mean Native Americans have the highest rate of diabetes in the country — but change is on the horizon This article was originally published on Civil Eats. In the middle of the Arizona desert, within the 27,000-square-mile Navajo Nation, sits a half-acre garden oasis, bustling with fresh-grown veggies and flowers. Planted in 2016 as part of Coffee Pot Farms in partnership with the local Teesto Chapter, the garden now sprouts a plethora of...

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2018-10-17 11:13:30

16 Carrot Recipes to Root for This Season  

Our favorite carrot recipes, from roasted carrots with black sesame paste or harissa to a make-ahead carrot and chickpea salad and a creamy vegan soup. Read More

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2018-10-17 10:30:48

9 Electric, Intoxicating Hours Inside Bogotá's Wildest Restaurant  

Like a Cheesecake Factory crossed with a nightclub on steroids, but with absolutely fantastic Colombian food When I ask a diplomat friend — a crisis-management guy who spent a few years representing U.S. interests in Bogota — where I should dine in Colombia, his first response is Andres Carne de Res, a restaurant as famous for its stellar empanadas as its all-night, alcohol-fueled benders. When I tell the co-owner of a hip New York food empire that I'm going to Bogota...

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2018-10-17 10:17:06

Noma Reveals a Glimpse at the Woodsy Wonder of Its Game & Forest Season  

Plus, Martha Stewart now has her own streaming service, and more food news Here's what you're missing at Noma's game & forest season Noma is back with another menu overhaul, and this time around, chef Rene Redzepi's famous Copenhagen restaurant is honing its focus on all things game and forest. The acclaimed restaurant is known for its highfalutin tweezer food, but this shot from the restaurant's public relations maestro shows an array of dishes with a woodsy ae...

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2018-10-17 10:07:19

The 24 Best Chocolate Shops in America  

Where to find colorful, hand-painted bonbons, mosaic-like candy bars, and exceptional single-origin chocolates It's no longer difficult to find beautifully decorated chocolates, sea-salted caramels, or delicately scented truffles: Nearly every major city in the U.S. is now home to a shop offering single-origin chocolate bars or bonbons filled with spiked ganache and coated in paint swipes of color. Others use local fruit, fresh herbs, spices, nuts, coffee, tea, or other essen...

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2018-10-17 09:30:02

A Cheat Sheet to Colombian Food  

Cheesy amasijos, giant platters of grilled meats, spectacular soups, and a healthy dose of some of the most fantastical fruits on the planet With nearly 2,000 miles of coastline to its north and west, and the Amazon Rainforest at its heart, Colombia is as dazzlingly rich in natural ingredients as any Latin American country. But unlike Mexico, with its ancient gastronomic traditions, or Peru, where the government and an army of chefs have worked to promote local ingredients and

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2018-10-17 09:30:02

A New Wave of Chefs Are Redefining Colombian Food in Bogotá  

Chefs are using a full range of local ingredients to make way for the country's edible identity As you walk through the door of Bogota's Mesa Franca, you're immediately hit with the unmistakable smells of a Colombian kitchen: toasted corn, tropical fruits, fresh herbs, grilled meat. If it weren't for the decor — modern lines, bare wood tables, hanging plants, and pops of red — you'd swear you'd wandered into the home of somebody's mama. At the bar, a giga...

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2018-10-17 09:30:02

The Eater Guide to Bogotá  

Where to eat in Colombia's cheese-stuffed, leaf-wrapped, fruit-filled paradise Maybe it's the altitude — at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet, Bogota is one of the highest capitals in the world — or maybe it's the cluster of fluorescent-green peaks that serve as its dramatic backdrop. Whatever the reason, everyone who's visited the sprawling city lately seems to leave utterly breathless. There's an undeniable, intoxicating energy pulsing through the streets of ...

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2018-10-17 09:30:02

Fruit Is the Best Thing You'll Eat in Bogotá  

How to tell your gulupa from your granadilla There may be no better place in the world to eat fruit than Colombia. Straddling the equator, the country's growing season is year-round and its climate is ideal for the kind of colorful, honeyed, heavy-scented, alien-looking fruit that epitomizes the tropics. Bogota sits at Colombia's heart, and as such its markets double as Technicolor displays of the country's biodiversity, showcasing the best of what's grown in every reg...

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2018-10-17 09:30:02

Practical Advice For Diving Into Bogotá's Food Scene  

Everything you need to know about Colombia's capital, from Uber to tipping in restaurants to dealing with the altitude Planning which restaurants to hit and what to order is only part of a perfect eating trip; every city has its own nuances to navigate, from transportation to table etiquette. Bogota's altitude, for instance, can cause a number of literal headaches for those who go in unprepared. But Eater's got you covered. From the must-see neighborhoods to the one thin...

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2018-10-17 09:30:02

State of the Slice, Part 1: A Slice of New York Pizza History  

How New York pizza came to be sold by the slice. Read More

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2018-10-17 07:45:30

Asian-Style Bacon-Wrapped Chicken  

Don't you think that "Asian" and "bacon" are two words that should be together more often when describing food? Here's a start: This bacon-wrapped chicken gets its Asian zing from a marinade of garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.

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2018-10-17 07:00:00

Watch the Trailer for Netflix's High-Stakes Culinary Competition 'The Final Table'  

All 10 episodes of the series will land on November 20 Netflix is gearing up to launch what may be its most ambitious food show yet: a 10-part global culinary competition called The Final Table. The show will feature 24 competitors from around the globe cooking in a series of country-themed challenges administered by nine of the world's most acclaimed chefs. The entertainment giant announced the lineup of elder chef/judges — which includes Enrique Olvera, Clare Smyth, Grant...

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2018-10-16 13:58:59

​How Microwaving Your Cleaning Rag Can Make It More Powerful — Cleaning Tips from the Kitchn  

Many of us are familiar with the trick of microwaving sponges to help disinfect them. Although that practice has been thrust into the spotlight and put under scrutiny lately. Turns out that microwaving sponges only kills the worst of the bacteria they harbor; the other microbes quickly recolonize the sponge and it's as bad as it ever was, ewww. But there is a reason to microwave your rags, one that sidesteps the whole question of how to keep your kitchen cloths sanitary.

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2018-10-16 13:30:00

Viceland Infuriates Action Bronson by Comparing Him to Salt Bae  

A lot to unpack here Viceland, the television channel operated by edgy (and allegedly toxic) multimedia house Vice Media, may have just torched its relationship with rapper Action Bronson in an attempt to have fun online. Monday afternoon, the Viceland Twitter account violated modern society's most important rule — never tweet — and did just that, posting, "Remember "Salt Bae?" This is him now. Feel old yet?" Attached was a gif of Mr. Bronson using a large pepper ...

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2018-10-16 13:18:47

17 Ways to Use Up a Jar of Salsa — Recipes from The Kitchn  

As someone who lives in a household of two, salsa jars frustrate me. They usually come in a decently large size and, once opened, can spoil quickly. I hate seeing this happen, so I've long been on a quest to find creative ways to use salsa in my cooking. Here are 17 of them — for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. READ MORE »

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2018-10-16 13:00:00

These Are the Baking Mixes Professional Bakers Swear By — Shopping  

Here's a confession that's been really weighing on me recently: One time I used a boxed chocolate chip cookie mix for my office's annual holiday cookie swap. In most places of work, no one would bat an eye at this ... but, at the time, I worked at a food magazine where people really care about food. (Kinda like my current place of employment here at Kitchn!) Don't get me wrong, I really care about food, but I was pinched for time and just so happened to have a mix for chocolate chip

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2018-10-16 12:30:00

10 Balanced Sheet Pan Dinner Ideas You'll Love — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Sheet pan dinners are just about the most brilliant weeknight solution around. Toss a bunch of ingredients on one pan, roast everything together, and in no time you have a complete meal that doesn't require hours to clean up. It's even better if the sheet pan dinner is wholesome. These 10 recipes are just that — they're full of colorful vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains to ensure you're treating yourself well after a long day. READ MORE »

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2018-10-16 12:00:00

The Absolutely Essential Restaurants in 25 Eater Cities  

From Chinese classics in New York City to the best pasta in Los Angeles, the restaurant reservations to make right now Oaxacan tacos in Atlanta. A Southern classic in Charleston. Standout banh mi in Denver. Vibrant Middle Eastern fare in Washington, D.C. And that's just getting started. Those are just a few of the newest additions to the Eater 38 across 25 different cities. The Eater 38 serves as the answer to the age-old question, "Where should we eat for dinner tonight?...

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2018-10-16 11:53:34

If You Drink Wine (Ever), You Need This $9 Amazon Find — Shopping  

Wine isn't something my husband and I save for weekends or special occasions. We actually enjoy it most nights of the week — casually, though! Just a glass with dinner to toast to the day. (It's a habit I developed from my days in Italy and really do enjoy the ritual.) This means that once we open a bottle we'd really like for it to be able to last us a couple of days, as a single bottle of wine holds about four to five glasses. The problem, however, is that once the cork is op...

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2018-10-16 11:30:00

Meet the Fearless CEO Who Took Over a Multi-Million Dollar Kefir Company in Her 20s — Food Crushes  

Julie Smolyansky knows what it takes to start a food business from scratch. It's basically in her DNA. She's the CEO of Lifeway Foods, a multi-million-dollar company that her parents started in the 1980s to introduce kefir — a probiotic, cultured dairy beverage — to the States. But the road to get here has been anything but smooth. Julie and her family fled the former Soviet Union in the 1970s as refugees and settled in Chicago. To s...

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2018-10-16 11:15:00

After Internet Outrage, Apple Adds Cream Cheese to Bagel Emoji   

It's the biggest food emoji scandal since BurgerGate 2017 In a bid to appease bagel fans around the world, tech titan Apple has changed its emoji depiction of the breakfast staple so that it now includes cream cheese. When the new food emoji were first announced last February, Twitter users immediately dragged the early mock-ups of the roll-with-a-hole, which was awkwardly arranged and contained no condiment whatsoever. That famous position we always see bagels in htt...

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2018-10-16 11:01:55

Recipe: Black Magic Sangria  

This is the Halloween cocktail you've been searching for. With no smoky special effects from dry ice or creepy eyeball garnishes, this deep, dark red wine sangria comes together without fuss yet feels just as celebratory as those other spooky drinks. It's an understated take on the holiday — something that fits in at the big costume party but also feels right being sipped with friends from the neighborhood while the kids are out trick-or-treating. READ MORE »

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2018-10-16 11:00:00

Like Many Trendy New Yorkers, Shake Shack Heads to Mexico City  

The first store will hit Mexico City next year, with plans for 30 stores total by 2028 The cult of Shake Shack looms ever larger: Danny Meyer's beloved burger chain is expanding to Mexico, with its first Latin American store slated for Mexico City in 2019. The company intends to have 30 stores in Mexico by 2028. Shake Shack is partnering with Mexican hospitality group Grupo Toks, which runs more than 200 restaurants across the country including numerous locations of Panda Ex...

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2018-10-16 10:48:13

9 Ways to Spice Up Your Roasted Pumpkin Seeds  

While you certainly don't need more than salt and pepper to finish them off, pumpkin seeds can be elevated by a remarkably wide range of sweet and savory seasonings—think Thai chili and lemongrass, Spanish chorizo and smoked paprika, or brown butter and sage. Here are nine unique flavor combos to spice up the season. Read More

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2018-10-16 10:30:19

The One Kitchen Investment This Nutritionist Thinks You Should Make — Shopping  

As a nutritionist, the question I get asked the most, shockingly, has nothing to do with what to eat and everything to do with my favorite appliance. People want to know what they should invest in to help them eat better and live an overall healthier lifestyle each day. And for the last 10 years, my answer has been the same: a Vitamix! Yes, I'm one of those people who's having a slight love affair with their Vitamix (don't worry, I'm pretty sure it hearts me back!). My Vitamix has

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2018-10-16 10:30:00

Tucker Carlson Says He Can't Dine Out Because Everyone Wants to Yell at Him  

Plus, John Legend and Frasier Crane enjoy the same breakfast, and more food news Tears for Tucker at the table Fox News host and seemingly sane conservative voice-turned-far right zealot Tucker Carlson enjoys ranting and raving about the libs from the safety of his studio set. But, should said libs decide to return the favor when he's out in public, Carlson does not have the necessary thick skin to handle the heat. Speaking on the National Review podcast, the TV screamer sai...

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2018-10-16 10:28:37

How To Cook Spaghetti Squash in the Oven, Microwave, or Instant Pot — Tips from The Kitchn  

Last week I got a call from my mother, who wanted to tell me that she just bought a spaghetti squash for the first time. "Now what?" she asked. "How do I cook this thing?" While most winter squashes like butternut, kabocha, and pumpkin are wonderful cut into cubes and roasted, spaghetti squash is a different beast, thanks to the long strands swirled around under the skin. When it comes to the basics of cooking spaghetti squash, there are three easy methods to choose from. READ MO

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2018-10-16 10:00:00

The Best Way to Keep the Top of Your Cabinets Clean — Smart Spring Cleaning  

Cabinets are actually a pain to clean. "They're constantly coming into contact with grease, dirt, food, and bacteria," says Becca Napelbaum, a cleaning expert from the on-demand home service app Handy. And depending on how tall your cabinets are, there can be one more thing to keep on top of. If your cabinets aren't built all the way up, and instead have a few inches or feet of dead space between their tops and the ceiling, you can have a hard-to-reach zone that's a magnet for

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2018-10-16 09:30:00

April Bloomfield Speaks Out About #MeToo and the Spotted Pig  

The chef breaks months of silence following the misconduct accusations against her business partner Ken Friedman Ten months after scandal enveloped famed NYC gastropub the Spotted Pig and its owner, Ken Friedman, chef April Bloomfield is finally breaking her silence on the sexual misconduct accusations against her business partner — and her perceived complicity. In an interview with the New York Times published Tuesday, Bloomfield paints herself as an additional victim — ...

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2018-10-16 09:05:02

Recipe: 3-Ingredient Sheet Pan Cajun Spiced Potatoes — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Three ingredients are all it takes to transport you deep into Cajun country. In this easy recipe, small cubes of red potatoes are coated in Cajun seasoning and a few dashes of cayenne pepper hot sauce (plus kitchen freebies like olive oil and salt), then spread onto a sheet pan and baked until hot and crisp. Served alongside eggs for breakfast, these spicy taters will wake you right up. READ MORE »

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2018-10-16 09:00:00

This Unstuffed Stuffed-Pepper Skillet Is a Weeknight Win — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. I have a confession to make: I have never been able to figure out how to eat a stuffed pepper. Nobody ever explained it to me, and everyone else seems so confident about eating stuffed peppers that I've been too embarrassed to ask. READ MORE »

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2018-10-16 08:30:00

The Tig Recipe We're Making to Celebrate the Royal Baby News — Pop Culture  

Meghan Markle isn't the only one with a bun in the oven! In honor of Kensington Palace's recent announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child (ETA: spring 2019), we are celebrating in the form of these mini souffles, courtesy of Meghan's former website and lifestyle blog, The Tig. Read more: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Expecting Fine, I concede that this is not a recipe for buns — they're chocolate petit gateaux. But what be...

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2018-10-15 17:30:00

How I Prep a Week of Easy Skillet Dinners in Under 2 Hours — Power Hour Meal Prep  

Prepping weeknight meals that all come together in your favorite cooking vessel is just about the easiest way to set yourself up for success. The tool at hand here is a trusty skillet — aka the king of the stovetop — which makes quick work of complete meals with barely any fuss. You'll use your weekend Power Hour to chop and pre-cook the ingredients, so all you have to do come weeknights is toss them into the skillet. In addition to giving you a big head-start on those e...

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2018-10-15 17:00:00

When Your Comeback After Scandal Involves a Dunk Tank  

From the Editor: A wine world scandal and a eyebrow-raising comeback plan This post originally appeared on October 13, 2018, in Amanda Kludt's newsletter "From the Editor," a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now. Two big stories this week. 1. The Court of Master Sommeliers revoked the 'master sommelier' title from 23 of the 24 people who passed the exam this year, because they discovered one of...

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2018-10-15 16:45:10

Ina Garten Says This Is Her Favorite Recipe in All Her Cookbooks — Pop Culture  

For her show, Getting There, on The Skimm, Katie Couric interviews amazing women on how they made it to where they are — and this week's episode, featuring Ina Garten, gave us all that info, plus a hot tip on Ina's favorite recipe from all 11 of her books — the fig ricotta cake recipe they make on camera. READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 16:00:00

Lipstick on the Spotted Pig  

One year since #MeToo, accused men like Ken Friedman are still getting paid #MeToo is a movement about justice, accountability, and anger around society's collective enabling of sexual misconduct — but it's fundamentally about power. Understanding #MeToo through a lens of gender and sex alone obscures the fact that the many people accused of sexual misconduct in this blistering year stand accused not just of bad manners or uncouth behavior, but of using positions of power...

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2018-10-15 15:55:14

At Lineage, Sheldon Simeon Is Representing His Hawaiʻi Community  

The Top Chef alum's new Maui restaurant will focus on family recipes and Hawaiʻi cooking techniques  Hawaiʻi is renowned for its food, which spans cuisines. The state's buzziest restaurant opening of the past decade — Senia — shed a spotlight on the region's various food cultures by giving them the fine-dining treatment from two Per Se alums. But the islands' next destination restaurant is taking cues from home kitchens. In Maui, chef Sheldon Simeon's Linea...

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2018-10-15 15:40:33

Alton Brown on Remixing 'Good Eats' and the Problem With Director's Cuts  

The new versions of the old episodes premiere this week on the Cooking Channel Before diving into a full-fledged reboot of his wildly popular Food Network series Good Eats, Alton Brown decided to pluck some old episodes from the archives and rework them so that they meet his current standards for food TV. This new iteration of his old hit, dubbed Good Eats: Reloaded, premieres on the Cooking Channel tonight at 9 p.m. EST. Although this project was originally born out of a desi

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2018-10-15 15:27:55

The $40 Pan That Ended My Quest for the Perfect Nonstick Skillet — Shopping  

I'm a firm believer that for most kitchen jobs, you only really need one good knife. And if the last six months are any proof, the same is true for pans. If I had to scrap all of the pans I've collected (and invested in) over the years, just this one 10-inch Ballarini Parma pan would remain. READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 15:15:00

Minneapolis's Most Celebrated Chef Announces New Tasting-Menu Destination  

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2018-10-15 15:13:37

These 10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Are So Punny — Halloween  

It's only a couple weeks until Halloween, which means you need to decide on your costume pretty soon. While spooky costumes are the norm, it's the punny ones that really impress me. That's why we've rounded up some of our new favorite food-themed punny costumes that take minimal work to make. READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 15:00:00

The 5 Best Meal Prep Containers (Plus 5 More Must-Have Tools for Meal Prep) — Power Hour  

Meal prep is amazing, empowering, and good for you — and it isn't hard (to start, read our absolute beginner's guide!). It's even easier if you have the right tools in your kitchen, starting with the perfect containers to store your stash of proudly prepped food. Ready to gear up for meal prep? Don't worry — we're not going to say you have to run out and buy something high-end like a Vitamix. (Although, if you really want to, may we suggest the best model for you?) You just ...

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2018-10-15 14:30:00

How To Cook Acorn Squash: The Easiest, Simplest Method — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

A little olive oil, a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper, some alone time in the oven — this is all that's between you and a warm dish of roasted acorn squash this evening. Here is a step-by-step recipe and guide to help you cook perfect acorn squash every time. READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 14:00:00

Here's Why Avocados Might Not Actually Be Vegan-Friendly — Food News  

Avocados, a seemingly innocuous creamy green fruit, have been the subject of a startling amount of controversy over the past several years. Avocados have been blamed for driving millennials to the brink of financial ruin, then became a health hazard with the proliferation of "avocado hand" injuries (caused by sloppy attempts to remove the pit with a chef's knife). For avocado lovers, the hits just keep coming: This time, the noble avocado must contend with speculation that it's not a v

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2018-10-15 13:45:00

This Handy $5 Item Fixes Just About Everything in Your Home — Shopping  

We love a good multi-use product. Household putty (aka Sticky Tack, Blu Tack, mounting putty, museum putty) is one of those products that can solve a slew of household predicaments in a matter of seconds. From eradicating matted messes of electronics cables to holding your kitchen rug in place, we've got 14 useful ideas to get you started on your lifelong love affair with putty. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 13:30:00

16 Satisfying Slow Cooker Dinners For Fall — Recipes from The Kitchn  

With shorter days and crisper temperatures heading our way, having a warm, home-cooked dinner waiting for us when we walk in the door is such a comfort. With the help of a slow cooker, the prep and cooking don't have to happen at the last minute, which frees you up to focus on other important tasks, like pouring that glass of wine! From comforting soups to hearty braises, there's plenty to choose from with these 16 recipes. As a bonus, these recipes also make plent

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2018-10-15 13:00:00

How To Cook Perfectly Tender Lentils on the Stove — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Dried lentils are a year-round staple in my pantry, essential for rounding out salads during hot weather and hearty soups in the winter months. Regardless of the season, their quick-cooking, no-soak-required nature makes them ideal for healthy weeknight meals. Worried about mushy lentils? I have a trick for that, too. READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 12:45:00

The Best Yellow Cake Mix Based on Your Cake-Eating Ways — Grocery Taste Test  

Take a stroll down the baking aisle and you'll quickly see that the choices are many — especially when it comes to yellow cake mix. Extra-moist, golden, tender crumb? At the end of the day, we want a cake that's going to meet our needs. We tried a bunch of popular brands and discovered that there is a boxed cake out there just for you. READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 12:30:00

Samin Nosrat, The Most Infectious Personality in Food  

On the Eater Upsell, the author and chef discusses representation and her path to success On the latest episode of the Eater Upsell podcast, we talk to Samin Nosrat, the New York Times Magazine columnist, author of hit cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and star of the just-debuted Netflix show of the same name. Part cooking show, part travelogue, in each episode of the show, Nosrat explores one element of flavor in one chosen country (eg exploring the fats of olive oil, Parmesan,

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2018-10-15 12:16:32

The James Beard Foundation Names an Award for Jonathan Gold  

Other new awards this year will include a design award for "eating and drinking spaces" that aren't typical restaurants Today kicks off the start of the 2019 James Beard Awards process, with the foundation announcing its call for entries this morning. There are some new awards in the mix, including a journalism award named for the iconic Los Angeles critic/evangelist Jonathan Gold, who died earlier this year. Formerly known as the "local impact award," the "Jonatha...

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2018-10-15 12:07:08

Here's Why Chefs Are Obsessed with This Japanese Mayo — Condiment Culture  

People have lots of opinions about mayonnaise, which is perhaps the most divisive condiment there is. Many Americans can't stand it; others can't live without it. And then, of course, there's the debate over which mayonnaise brand is best. Hellmann's or Heinz? Kraft or Duke's? READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 12:00:00

Four Main Takeaways From New York Magazine's Gabrielle Hamilton Profile  

Why Hamilton and Ashley Merriman's deal to take over the Spotted Pig fell through (short answer: money) As a part of its issue on women and power, New York Magazine published an in-depth look at Gabrielle Hamilton and Ashley Merriman's decision to partner with accused Spotted Pig restaurateur Ken Friedman. The piece, by Maggie Bullock, examines the reasoning behind the proposed partnership, the subsequent restaurant industry blowback, and the ultimate dissolution of the dea...

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2018-10-15 11:46:01

The Best $17 Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo Ever Spent on Her Kitchen — Shopping  

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that a full-blown kitchen renovation is the only way to make you fall in love with your kitchen. This month, we've been on the prowl for on all kinds of little tips, tricks, design hacks, and budget gadgets that will help you love the space you're in (for a lot less). So far, we've asked our favorite kitchen designers, magazine editors, and chefs to weigh in with some suggestions. What we've learned is that sometimes all it takes is

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2018-10-15 11:30:00

Lisa of 100 Days of Real Food on Her Favorite $3 Lunch Ideas — On a Budget  

Sometimes it feels impossible to navigate the tangled web of choosing healthy food, planning meals for a family, and not spending a fortune. Luckily, Lisa Leake has already paved the way. Her new book, 100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget, is here to help busy families make a commitment to real food without draining their bank accounts. Buy: 100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget, $16 READ MORE »

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2018-10-15 11:00:00

Watch: Chef Mako Okano Serves the World's Only Shabu-Shabu Omakase  

The chef wanted to do for the hot pot style what's been done for sushi Up until now, each episode of Omakase has centered around one of the many iterations of the style, including sushi, tempura, and kaiseki, but a shabu-shabu omakase was unheard of, both in the series and around the world — until chef Mako Okano and her team decided they wanted to do for shabu-shabu what had been done for sushi. Behind an eight-seat counter at her New York City restaurant Shabu Shabu Macor...

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2018-10-15 10:38:52

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