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You Need to Follow This New "Dogs in Food" Instagram Account — Food News  

If you are obsessed with cute dogs and beautiful food, as most of us are, you're going to love this insanely cute new Instagram account, Dogs in Food. The account is exactly what it sounds like; it's just a page full of photos of dogs in food. But it's really cute, and the food all looks delicious. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 19:45:17

Le Creuset and Williams Sonoma Have Teamed Up for the Coolest New Color — Shopping  

If you were disappointed not to find a Dutch oven or another piece of Le Creuset under the Christmas tree this year, consider yourself lucky. The brand has teamed up with Williams Sonoma to release an exclusive new color that will officially launch tomorrow on the site and in stores. And it's beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that if you had gotten a Dutch oven in, say, Soleil (a very pretty yellow), you might have found yourself wishing you hadn't. (No offense, mom and dad!) READ MORE

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2018-01-18 14:59:05

How To Cook Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs in the Oven — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

I am a huge, huge fan of boneless, skinless chicken thighs. They are inexpensive, tasty, and easy to cook. In fact, I find it difficult to mess up chicken thighs. They are just dark enough to stay tender, but not so dark as to put off people who prefer white meat. Everyone who eats regularly at my house has eaten chicken thighs! In the summer I grill these babies every week, especially when I have a big table of people to feed. But in the winter, when I don't feel like stepping

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2018-01-18 14:27:25

What Is a Continental Breakfast, and What Makes It Continental? — Travel Bites  

Maybe you've stayed at a certain hotel specifically because you wanted the free continental breakfast. Maybe you visions of huge pancakes and fluffy egg dishes. And maybe you were disappointed when presented with your options: a small bowl of fruit, a tiny banana-nut muffin, and a mug of coffee. To some, this might seem downright skimpy, especially if you're used to big, made-to-order options for your first meal of the day. To others, it might be just the right amount of

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2018-01-18 13:25:24

The Best Automatic-Drip Coffee Makers  

Our goal was to find well-designed, automatic-drip coffee makers that deliver great tasting coffee. We tested 15 models, ranging from about $20 to $310, and put them through rounds of tastings and other evaluations to find the ones that performed the best. Read More

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2018-01-18 13:00:40

5 Freezer Shortcuts Only Trader Joe's Makes Possible — Tips from The Kitchn  

We love Trader Joe's for their snacks and pantry staples, but what's really special is the freezer section. Amongst the frozen veggies and appetizers, there's a selection of frozen shortcuts that help ease our dinner woes on harried weeknights. Here are five of our favorites. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 12:41:52

Whole Foods Is Suffering From Food Shortages and Customers Are Pissed  

An automated inventory system is reportedly the culprit Amazon's grocery delivery service has seen a major boost following the retail giant's acquisition of Whole Foods — but the grocer's IRL stores seem to be having some issues. Whole Foods stores are suffering inventory shortages, leading to empty shelves, according to several employees that spoke with Business Insider. The shortages are being attributed to a new ordering system the grocer introduced company-wide in ea...

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2018-01-18 12:31:01

SF's Tartine Bakery Team Expanding Yet Again  

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2018-01-18 12:13:36

North America's Best Cantonese Food Is in Canada  

In Richmond and Vancouver, three Chinese restaurants set the standard The sweet and sour pork at Hoi Tong in Richmond, BC, certainly looked familiar enough: Our server set down a plate heaped with glossy, battered nuggets. Blocks of pineapple and curled pieces of red and green bell peppers speckled the dish like colorful flags planted on a bare mountain. Its appearance conjured the many saccharine iterations I'd scarfed down in the Chinese-American restaurants I loved as a kid....

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2018-01-18 12:05:34

James Beard Foundation Awards 2018: Winners, News, and Updates  

Everything you need to know The James Beard Foundation Awards are among the highest honors in the American food world. Semifinalists for the 2018 chef and restaurant awards will be announced on February 15, and nominees on March 14. The James Beard Awards Gala, where the recipients of America's Classics awards are also acknowledged, will take place on May 7. Winners in the book, television, and journalism categories will be announced at the James Beard Media Awards on April...

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2018-01-18 12:00:02

Peeps Oreos Have Returned, Because Did You Really Think They Wouldn't?  

A post shared by

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2018-01-18 11:47:46

David Chang Teams Up With Netflix for New Series 'Ugly Delicious'  

The globe-trotting food show will premiere in February Momofuku emperor David Chang is headed to Netflix next month with a new show that will use food as a springboard for exploring the big ideas of authenticity and identity. Dubbed Ugly Delicious, the series will feature Chang eating and drinking with chefs, writers, artists, and entertainers at beloved restaurants around the world, all while discussing the traditions and shared experiences inextricably tied to comfort foods.

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2018-01-18 11:43:16

James Beard Foundation Announces 2018 America's Classics Awards  

Five restaurants made the cut It's finally Beard season. Today the James Beard Foundation announced the five 2018 recipients of its America's Classics awards. The Foundation gives this title every year to restaurants that are "regional establishments, often family-owned, that are treasured for their quality food, local character, and lasting appeal." Generally, these restaurants have been open for more than 10 years, and the award taps establishments, chefs, and restaurat...

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2018-01-18 11:38:19

For 30-Minute Meals, Make Sure These Things Are in Your Pantry — Tips from The Kitchn  

Do you strive to get weeknight dinners on the table in 30 minutes? I know I do, and I have a hunch I'm not alone. Choosing the best recipes for the job is one step in the right direction, but there's an even more important tool to achieve this dinner victory: The real key to mastering 30-minute meals is your pantry. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 11:37:45

Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct Are Still Benefitting From Their Restaurants   

The NYT reports on how restaurant groups are moving forward, but financial ties are hard to sever As chefs and restaurateurs "step away from day-to-day operations" following sexual misconduct allegations, their restaurant groups are left to figure out how to recover. There isn't a single path forward, according to a new report from the New York Times, and the groups once led by Mario Batali, Ken Friedman, John Besh, and Charlie Hallowell are all struggling to repair damaged...

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2018-01-18 11:13:10

What to Order at Bo Ky, One of the Most Interesting Restaurants in NYC's Chinatown  

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2018-01-18 10:51:02

This Instagrammer's Pie Portraits of Celebrities Like Oprah and Bowie Are Unbelievable — Food Media  

In the long-running battle of cake vs. pie, the one thing Team Cake always had on its side was beauty. From petits fours to royal wedding cakes, cakes have always been the go-to dessert for show-stopping feats of fancy. But lately Team Pie has been raising the bar, and pie crusts have been getting increasingly creative. Recently, people have even been experimenting with colorful pie crusts in vivid greens and purples, and one Instagram pastry star has been using her pie crusts to cre

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2018-01-18 10:50:13

Watch the Trailer for Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Reboot  

Plus, Chip and Joana Gaines are growing produce and raising chickens in their new HGTV special As the nostalgia economy continues to boom, Queer Eye is about to be back on the air. The series that made Ted Allen a celebrity in the food universe is getting a Netflix reboot that will debut on February 7. Taking Allen's place in the new Fab Five is Antoni Porowski, an actor who served as Allen's personal chef at one point. Take a first look at the new series via the trailer ab...

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2018-01-18 10:36:42

Toum Is the Garlicky Eggless Mayo That Goes With Everything  

Toum is a gutsy spread, a staple of Lebanese cuisine, and more than just another condiment. It's great for stirring into soups and pasta, marinating chicken, and tossing with roasted vegetables; it adds an energetic punch of garlic to anything without the hassle of daily peeling and mincing. Read More

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2018-01-18 10:30:56

5 Steps to a More Satisfying Salad — Tips from The Kitchn  

We've all encountered a wimpy bowl of greens with a few slices of cucumber and a piece of tomato, trying to pass as a salad, at some point or another. Forget satisfying — that's not even appetizing, and it gives salads everywhere a bad name. A good salad is a wonderful and glorious thing. It has a place as an appetizer, side dish, go-to weekday lunch, and, when made right, it can even hold its own as dinner. The trick is knowing the essential steps for creating a salad that's...

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2018-01-18 10:25:02

You Won't Recognize This Dated Suburban Kitchen After Its Renovation — Kitchen Makeovers  

The "before" of this Sherman Oaks kitchen is your typical suburban cookspace: oak cabinets, tile flooring, Corian countertops ... all the result of a renovation from decades prior that now felt dated and ignored the home's mid-century roots. The family of four that resides here decided to completely overhaul the space and worked with architect Graham Ferrier to rethink the floor plan and designer Jessica McClendon, of L.A. interiors firm Glamour Nest, to add some serious style. READ MORE

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2018-01-18 10:16:15

Make This Coconut Curry Shakshuka for Dinner Tonight — Delicious Links  

When it comes to food, there are some dishes where less is more and then there are others, like this one, where more is more. This shakshuka dish combines all the awesomeness that is shakshuka with all the deliciousness that is curry. Poached eggs, curry, coconut cream, and tomatoes — they all need to get into your life and into your belly, stat! READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 09:58:59

Dunkin' Donuts' New Store Has Nitro Cold Brew and a Drive-Thru for Mobile Orders  

The futuristic Quincy location is looking more like a Starbucks Behold, the future of Dunkin' Donuts: The chain just unveiled a new test store featuring nitro cold brew on tap and a drive-thru lane just for mobile order pickup. The futuristic location is located in the Boston suburb of Quincy — less than a mile away from the first-ever Dunkin' location, which opened in 1950. The new store's layout is slightly more reminiscent of a Starbucks than a typical Dunkin', with...

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2018-01-18 09:57:05

How Vegetarian Food Blogger Cookie and Kate Starts Her Day — My Healthy Morning  

Welcome to Kitchn's series My Healthy Morning, where we show you how one person greets the day in a way that makes them feel their best. Each post will chronicle how that person defines healthy for themselves, and the habits and recipes that make their morning a little bit better. If you've ever scrolled through Pinterest or gone down a deep rabbit hole on Instagram searching for pretty food photos, then there's a good chance you know Kathryne Taylor of the wildly popular vegeta

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2018-01-18 09:35:14

15 Whole-Grain Breakfasts to Start Your Day Off Right — Recipes from The Kitchn  

If the idea of a whole-grain breakfast sounds like something boring that your doctor might recommend, think again. These recipes are full of flavors that pop, and whole grains that satisfy our under-caffeinated early morning cravings. Maybe you'd like a warm bowl of mixed grains topped with berries and crunchy hazelnuts? Or a quick omelet filled with last night's quinoa? Or if you just need something to eat on the go, a no-bake sunflower oat bar does just the trick. Whateve

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2018-01-18 08:38:29

Aldi Employees Share Their 5 Favorite Budget Grocery Finds — Shopping  

The first time I went into an Aldi and saw a dozen eggs for 89 cents, I thought I'd traveled back in time. Aldi is full of extremely good everyday prices, and then there are regular sales and coupons that make their low prices even lower than usual. If you are trying to stick to a grocery budget, Aldi is a good place to go. As with any store, Aldi has good deals, and Aldi has great deals. To figure out which products are the best for saving money, we reached out to some frie

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2018-01-18 08:29:49

Recipe: Warm Fajita Steak Salad — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

I often crave light and fresh dinners in my meal plan, which means I end up transforming a lot of my regular favorites into salads. This version, inspired by my favorite fajitas, skips the tortillas and instead layers slices of juicy, cumin-rubbed flank steak along with charred peppers and onions over a bed of crunchy, chopped romaine and red cabbage. It's finished off with a chili-lime vinaigrette for a tangy kick and a little bit of heat. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 08:05:45

Obsessed: Garrett Oliver on Brewing Better Beer  

Brooklyn Brewery's veteran brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, talks about what craft beer means to him and why it's okay to be a beer snob. Read More

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2018-01-18 07:45:52

Keep Healthy Snacks Around with This Handy Dispenser — On Sale Now! — Amazon Deal of the Day  

You may have heard the studies: We're more likely to eat the stuff that's sitting out in plain sight. Put some candy in a bowl on your desk and you'll eat more than you would if it was hiding in a drawer. Arrange fruit in a bowl and you'll likely reach for an apple. Want to trick yourself into eating healthier snacks throughout the day? That's where this dry-food dispenser comes in. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 07:01:36

Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings — Quick and Easy Weeknight Soups  

On a busy weekend day when you have a lot of things to take care of around the house but not much time to devote to dinner, pull this slow cooker chicken and dumpling recipe out of your back pocket. This comforting dish — with tender chicken swimming in a creamy sauce filled with herbs and vegetables that's topped with tender dumplings — requires very little attention on your part, but you're rewarded with a dinner that tastes like you've been standing at the stove all day. READ MORE...

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2018-01-18 06:46:40

How To Make Paleo/Whole30 Mayo — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Mayonnaise is a wonder condiment, becoming something of a modern mother sauce with its unique ability to grace sandwiches, coax pasta or potatoes into lush side dishes, and make a myriad of other dressings, sauces, and marinades. Most store-bought mayonnaises — and some homemade versions — contain sugar and vegetable oil, making them off-limits for anyone trying a Paleo diet or a round of Whole30. Making paleo-friendly mayonnaise at home is surprisingly straight-forward,...

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2018-01-18 06:44:52

What People Are Missing About Lidl's Pre-Peeled Onions — Grocery News  

Of all the great and gory kitchen tasks we face everyday, few are quite so aggravating as preparing onions. They hurt people's eyes and make people's hands smell onion-y. Eating onions would hardly be worth all the effort, if it weren't for the fact that they make food so much more delicious. You can't make a mirepoix without cutting a few onions, after all. Despite the fact that preparing onions is not a fun kitchen task, grocery giant Lidl is coming under fire on social media fo

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2018-01-18 06:20:25

The $2 Ingredient I Have on Hand for Every Party I Ever Throw — Dip Party  

When planning a party, most hosts have a standard checklist they like to start with: beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, cured meats, nuts, extra trash bags. My checklist always looks like that — plus one other supermarket staple that people love but don't often think about. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 06:15:04

How Not Having a Microwave Saves Me Money — Money Goals, Kitchen Solutions  

Five years ago, my microwave suddenly stopped working — the clock went dead and no beeping sounded when I pressed on any of its buttons. At first I thought I'd maybe tripped a breaker, which happened frequently in my old apartment building. But when I went to check the circuit breaker panel in the basement, I found nothing out of order. Everything was fine, except for the fact that my microwave had just died on me. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 03:44:15

Chrissy Teigen Has the Best Response to People Insulting Her Food — Kitchen Heroes  

Insulting the food someone else is eating is extraordinarily rude. There you are, happily eating something you like, when another person butts in and says "Eew!" or "Yuck!" or "That looks disgusting." It's fine not to like something, but there's no reason to ruin someone else's meal. That sort of thing happens a lot in schools, but even cookbook authors and celebrities are not immune to it, as Chrissy Teigen discovered this week when she posted a photo of corned beef and cabbage to Twitter

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2018-01-18 03:16:58

The 5 Best Frozen Veggies from Trader Joe's — Tips From The Kitchn  

I could wax poetic about my favorite Trader Joe's finds all day long (currently cannot get enough of the Mixed Nut Butter!), but beyond the snacks, condiments, and cheeses, the freezer section is a gold mine. Trader Joe's really gets frozen vegetables in a way that most other stores don't. Sure, you can pick up the standard bag of peas and broccoli florets, but the freezer cases are stocked with even more fun, interesting, and convenient finds you can't pick up anywhere else. He

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2018-01-18 03:03:49

Just Add a Can: 17 Recipes Made Better With Canned Ingredients  

Every cook knows that fresh is always better, but canned ingredients are one of a few food-editor-approved shortcuts in the kitchen. Need to bulk up your pasta? Add chickpeas. Want easy homemade tomato sauce? Start with a can of whole tomatoes. These 17 recipes are all made better by the addition of canned ingredients, and they're just as easy as they are tasty. Related14 Grocery Staples I Always Have as a 20-Something on a Budget

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2018-01-18 02:29:02

Why Eggs Are Always the Ultimate 30-Minute Dinner — Tips from The Kitchn  

There are hundreds of tips and tricks to conquering the 30-minute meal, but you really just need to remember one: Lean on eggs. Keep your fridge stocked with a carton at all times and you can rest easy knowing that a quick and easy dinner is always at your fingertips. Here's why. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 02:09:31

If You See This Mark on Your Favorite Costco Item, Stock Up — Grocery News  

Costco is like a magical fantasyland full of oversized surprises. A lot of the time, you don't know what you will find there. Sure, there are some classics. Kirkland-brand olive oil and apple pies are beloved standards that you can count on seeing virtually every time you walk through those warehouse doors. Not everything at Costco sticks around, however, and a great deal found one day might be gone the next. So if you see an asterisk in the top right-hand corner of the price t

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2018-01-18 02:01:42

Here's What You Need to Know About CBD Oil — Wellness Trend  

In the past year there's been a growing buzz for CBD, short for "cannabidiol" which is a chemical compound found in marijuana. It comes in a variety of forms, including oil, creams, and capsules. While CBD won't make you high, many people have found that it helps with moderate anxiety and chronic pain. It also, apparently, makes for a pretty good vinaigrette. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 01:33:45

Recipe: Bacon and Kimchi Pancakes — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

When you hear "pancakes for dinner," you probably don't think of bindaettuck, the traditional Korean mung bean pancakes. But while they may require ingredients you haven't used before, they're just as quick and easy to make. At Revel in Seattle, chef Rachel Yang offers ever-changing twists on tradition, from sweet corn pancakes (crusted with corn flakes, natch) in the summer to everything bagel-spiced pancakes with whitefish in the winter. The perennial favorite there, though, a

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2018-01-18 01:22:47

The 5 Rules of Ultimate Scrambled Eggs — Tips from The Kitchn  

What's your favorite last-minute dinner? Mine is scrambled eggs. I like them soft as possible, with plenty of butter, eaten on crisp toast at 7 p.m., taking comfort in a simple, hot meal after a scattered day. If scrambled eggs are your idea of easy comfort food, when it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these five tips will make them even better. READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 01:13:58

The Reason You Should Save Pre-Paid Gift Cards — Apartment Therapy  

From Apartment Therapy → Why You Should Save Pre-Paid Gift Cards READ MORE »

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2018-01-18 01:06:23

Espresso Patronum! Starbucks's Smoked Butterscotch Latte Is Back For a Limited Time  

Update: Starbucks has brought back its Smoked Butterscotch Latte for a limited time. Many people think the latte, which first launched in 2016, tastes like butterbeer, so grab it while you can, Potterheads! Original story: Starbucks and Harry Potter fans, hold onto your sorting hats. If you're dying to try butterbeer but are just not going to take the time to make it at home, you're going to want to try Starbucks Smoked Butterscotch Latte. We were skeptical when we heard claims that

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2018-01-17 22:22:53

5 Rules to Follow When Meal Planning for One — Meal Plan Club  

So you're doing the meal planning thing and have no one to answer to but yourself. In a sea of information that sometimes feels skewed to households of two or more, it can be tricky to find something that speaks to meal planning for solo situations. While plenty of the tips and principles of meal planning apply no matter how many you're cooking for, there are a few consideration that are specific to meal planning for one. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 22:21:49

Sip on This: The Truffle Cocktail and Other Top Drink Trends For 2018  

If the last few years in cocktails have been marked by the moscow mule, it seems that things are about to change. New flavor profiles and a resurgence of liquors, including gin and mezcal, are hitting the palate in a big way, and more consumers are looking for richer, more in-depth cocktail concoctions. "People are becoming more aware of what they are ordering and have access to a ton of information," Kyle Tran, beverage director at the New York, NY-based Library of Distilled Spirits, told POPS

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2018-01-17 18:17:03

Starbucks's New Cookie Butter Bar Tastes Like Happiness With Cream Cheese Frosting  

Update: Starbucks's Cookie Butter Bar is back! If you didn't get a chance to try the gingerbread-like dessert when it launched in early 2017, now's your shot. Original story: Starbucks's newest dessert in its bakery case is made with one of the best spreadable substances on earth: cookie butter. The new Starbucks Cookie Butter Bar ($2) is made with gingerbread-like Speculoos cookies on the bottom, a layer of gooey cookie butter on top, followed by a layer of rich vanilla cre

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2018-01-17 18:08:13

Watch: Miami's Favorite Haitian Restaurant Started From a Health Food Cart   

Swinging by Naomi's on Dining on a Dime The colors are brighter and the smells are stronger as you approach Naomi's Garden — a Haitian restaurant on the border of Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. For this next episode of Dining on a Dime, I'm headed to Naomi's, which actually got its start as a short-lived health food trailer before becoming one of the best and most beloved Haitian restaurants in the city. Naomi's staff is mostly made up of women; its matriarchal...

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2018-01-17 15:17:39

Every Time 'Portlandia' Has Perfectly Defined Trendy Food Culture  

The best dining scenes from the series's first seven seasons Portlandia, the IFC series created by and starring Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen and punk rocker Carrie Brownstein, returns for its eighth and final season this Thursday, January 18. Since its debut in 2011, the series has served as a mirror for its audience, depicting every aspect of modern, hip culture and poking fun at the sorts of people who make their own pickles, patronize fast-casual restaurants, get re...

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2018-01-17 14:37:30

Saveur Magazine Gutted in a Round of Layoffs  

Editor-in-Chief Adam Sachs is out Saveur, the 24-year-old food and wine publication, just took a major hit in a round of layoffs committed by its parent company, Bonnier Corp.: Editor-in -Chief Adam Sachs is out, as are many members of the magazine's staff, including deputy digital editor Dan Dao. According to a tipster, Saveur will reduce its publishing frequency from six issues per year to four, released quarterly. The moves at Saveur reflect just some of the 70 people Bonn...

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2018-01-17 13:37:02

The 10 Smart Things Extreme Couponers Always Do When Grocery Shopping on a Budget — Shopping  

Extreme couponers are just that: extreme. They're willing to go the extra mile to stock up on cleaning products, dry goods, and more for just pennies a pop. This practice was fascinating enough to earn its own TV show, and the use of #extremecouponing and #couponcommunity on Instagram will yield you many enthusiastic likes. But for many of us, spending hours a week searching for deals isn't practical. So here are the easiest budget grocery shopping tips from extreme couponers that non-ext

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2018-01-17 13:22:09

Krispy Kreme Is Letting You Pick Its Next Doughnut! Here Are the Enticing Options  

Krispy Kreme is all ears. For the first time ever, the classic chain is asking consumers to determine its next Glazed Doughnut flavor. From Jan. 16 through Jan. 22, Krispy Kreme will allow consumers to vote online and choose from among the following four flavors: blueberry, caramel, maple, and lemon. "In 2017, our fans responded with tremendous enthusiasm regarding how we innovated around our Original Glazed Doughnut," Chief Marketing Officer Jackie Woodward said in a press statement. "To begin

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2018-01-17 13:14:28

HQ Host Scott Rogowsky Shares His Favorite Trader Joe's Snack — Food News  

If you've ever heard all the phones around you start beeping at exactly 3 p.m., and everyone in the vicinity suddenly stops what they're doing and looks down, chances are good they're all playing HQ, the trivia app that everybody is completely obsessed with. And HQ host and beloved "Quiz Daddy," Scott Rogowsky, just shared an interesting bit of trivia about himself: He's obsessed with Trader Joe's dried fruit. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 13:08:56

This Lodge Cast Iron Pan Is on Sale for Under $15  

Read More

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2018-01-17 13:00:18

Inside Austin's First-Ever Food Hall, Opening This Week  


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2018-01-17 12:37:02

5 Indian Takeout Items That Make Dinner Tomorrow Faster — Tips from The Kitchn  

On the busiest of weeknights, calling up your neighborhood Indian spot to place an order for all of your spicy favorites is a quick and tasty answer. It's OK that you're not cooking tonight because tomorrow you will. That's a guarantee because if you throw a few extra items in your takeout order tonight, you can utilize them tomorrow to make your dinner almost as carefree as ordering takeout again — and it may even be more delicious. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 12:21:13

Bobby Flay Shutters His NYC Restaurant Bar Americain  

That just leaves Gato in the Big Apple

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2018-01-17 12:07:01

Next Week's Meal Plan: 5 Recipes for a Week of Whole30 — Next Week's Meal Plan  

I suspect you might think you won't be eating well on a Whole30, but that's far from the truth. If you think about it, the elements of most fine dining is parallel to Whole30 foods: proteins, vegetables, and delicious dressings or sauces (that can easily be modified to be Whole30!). With a little planning and simple prep work, a week of delicious Whole30 meals awaits you. These recipes are easy, approachable, and quick. No need for any fussy ingredients — most start with pa...

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2018-01-17 12:06:51

Another Philly Chef Drops Out of Urban Outfitters Partnership  

James Beard Award-winner Jeff Michaud is taking Osteria with him when he leaves

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2018-01-17 11:51:41

Why Whole Foods Is Banking on Rotisserie Chicken  

Meeting demand for the roasted bird is a key part of grocery store's business "A chicken for every pot." That's the line the Republican party used in 1928 to promise Americans who voted for Herbert Hoover a time of ease and prosperity. Though the Great Depression derailed this vow, the party was onto something: Egalitarian and evocative, that phrase has stood for financial comfort and nutritional well-being for generations, ever since Henry IV used it in the 17th century...

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2018-01-17 10:57:02

Starbucks Is Testing a Cashless Store in Seattle  

Plus, frigid temperatures in Texas are keeping the line at Franklin Barbecue surprisingly short Because paper money and metal coins are so last century, Starbucks is now testing a cashless store in Seattle. The cafe is only accepting mobile payments and credit or debit cards. Starbucks plans to gather feedback from both customers and employees before deciding whether to expand the no-cash program to more locations. Cookbook author and rising domestic goddess Chrissy Teigen c

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2018-01-17 10:47:54

Recipe: Fried Potatoes and Sausage Skillet — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

If you're following Whole30 this month, you'll want to add this quick and easy skillet supper to your meal plan immediately. And even if Whole30 isn't for you, you'll still want to get this weeknight-friendly recipe in your dinner rotation sooner than later. With crumbled sausage and creamy potatoes at the helm, it's rooted in hearty, wholesome comfort and balanced by a light, bright twist from a handful of fresh herbs and a generous squeeze of lemon. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 10:42:28

For Killer Steak au Poivre, Divide and Conquer  

Classic steak au poivre is a simple dish of seared peppercorn-crusted steaks with a creamy pan sauce. The secret to the best results? Start by encrusting the steaks on only one side. Read More

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2018-01-17 10:30:47

11 Super-Smart IKEA Storage and Decorating Hacks for Your Kitchen — Organize the IKEA Way  

We love a good IKEA hack, particularly in the kitchen, where a little change can make a big difference to the look and feel of the space. From island storage to glamorous pot rails, here are 11 of our favorite projects. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 10:07:30

Um, So, KFC Created Cocktail Recipes Using Gravy - Would You Dare Try Them?  

You probably never thought about adding gravy to your evening cocktail, but that's now a real possibility thanks to a few new KFC recipes. KFC has actually released official recipes for Gravy Cocktails because it claims the brand has "gravy so good, you can drink it." I mean, yes, I'm the kind of person who much prefers buttery mashed potatoes with a heaping spoonful of gravy on top, and I'm not too proud to admit I used to love the taste of KFC's classic, supersavory gravy.

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2018-01-17 09:46:42

Urban Outfitters Just Launched Its Home Line for Spring Line — And It's Incredible — Shopping  

It's currently snowing outside the Kitchn office windows, but that isn't stopping retailers from thinking about warmer temps. In fact, Urban Outfitters just launched their Spring line for UO Home — and it's all so incredible. "The pieces are a nod to modern design while still incorporating fluid movement and color guided by a fresh year and season, adding a renewed vitality to even the smallest of spaces," a press release says. The collection consists of more than 80 new produ...

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2018-01-17 09:45:53

What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home According to Pros — Apartment Therapy  

From Apartment Therapy → What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 06:36:48

Recipe: Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

I'm afraid you're about to make your neighbors very jealous. They will smell this cooking as they walk up to, and then pass by, your door — forced to smell those aromas of garlic, chicken, and cumin, all without getting a single bite. You, and only you, will get to come home from work, take a bowl from the cupboard, and proceed immediately to the table without even needing to turn on the stove. It's white chicken chili for dinner tonight, my friends! Inviting the neighbors i...

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2018-01-17 06:16:06

This Tiny Kitchen Project Makes Me Smile Every Day — Feel Good Kitchen  

Just being in my kitchen is usually reason enough to make me smile: I'm in my favorite room of the house, I'm probably making (or thinking about making) something sweet for my family and friends, and it's where the coffee and wine happens. So many things to be happy about! Plus, there's one little thing I did to my cabinets that adds a bit of cheer every time I open up the doors. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 05:29:30

Sweet & Spicy Baked Cauliflower Is Everything Your Life Needs Right Now — Delicious Links  

Although cauliflower is being served up 100 different ways than how I personally grew up eating it (plain and steamed or raw with a dip), I still have yet to cultivate the enthusiasm that says, "Today we're cooking cauliflower!" The vegetable just doesn't excite me. But you know what does? Maple syrup and Sriracha and the existence of the word caramelized. This recipe might just be the one that changes my mind and makes me intentionally pick up some cauliflower at the store. Bonus: I

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2018-01-17 04:42:51

The Most Reliable Way to Get Pesky Stickers Off New Dishes — Cult Cleaners  

My mother has a strict policy against specialty cleaning products in her house. I have no idea how she keeps the place so clean without the help of a Swiffer or Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but she manages. She does, however, break her own rule for one specific cleaning product. She always keeps a little bottle of yellow stuff under the sink — and it's since become a staple in my own apartment, too. What is it? An adorably named product called Goo Gone. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 04:41:47

12 Hearty Meals with Lentils — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Dried lentils are one of the very best pantry staples. No matter which variety you prefer, lentils are wonderfully versatile. They know no season, and have a place on the table through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are filling yet light at the same time. Whether you're in the mood for soup, salad, stew, or something a little more robust, lentils can really do it all. They have the power to turn a plate of leafy greens and vegetables into a meal, or even create a filling sa

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2018-01-17 04:37:15

This Photo of a Completely Peeled Pomegranate Is Weirdly Disturbing — Food News  

Pomegranates are such a wonderful fruit. They're full of healthful antioxidants, and they add color and flavor to everything from salads to cocktails. Pomegranates are as good with eggplant as they are with chocolate — or you can just eat them straight and enjoy the way the seeds explode into tart, red juice when you bite into them. Sure, it can be a lot of work to get the seeds out, but all that labor just makes the payoff seem more special. And on top of all that, pomegranates j...

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2018-01-17 03:26:38

How To Make Oatmeal in the Slow Cooker: The Simplest, Easiest Method — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Oatmeal from the slow cooker sounds practical and kind of boring, but the resulting oatmeal is so luxuriously creamy that no one would ever believe you made it in the humble slow cooker. While cooking oats in the slow cooker can be purely utilitarian for serving a crowd or staggering breakfast diners, it's also the ultimate breakfast to treat yourself to. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 03:12:29

The Accessory Set You Didn't Know Your Instant Pot Needed — Amazon Deal of The Day  

Over and over again, we've evangelized the wonders of the Instant Pot, and the rest of the world agrees with us, too. In fact, Amazon reported that the Instant Pot was one of their most-sold items on Black Friday this year. Whether you just snagged this miracle machine and are familiarizing yourself with all of its functions or you're a longtime user looking to make the most out of your favorite gadget, adding this steamer set — made specifically for the Instant Pot — to your t...

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2018-01-17 03:07:06

This Mop Is So Much Better than a Swiffer — Cult Cleaners  

Raise your hand if you have a household chore that you just love to do. Even if you hate cleaning, you probably have your hand in the air. There's always something. I love, love, love using the Shop-Vac. It's incredibly satisfying to watch it cut a swathe through dust and dirt, swooshing everything up into its roaring nozzle. I can Shop-Vac all day long, and I always claim the job when we're doing a big project. I even picked one out as a Valentine's Day present once. (I know.) READ MOR

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2018-01-17 02:31:15

How One Homeschooling Mom Starts Her Healthy Day — My Healthy Morning  

Welcome to Kitchn's series My Healthy Morning, where we show you how one person greets the day in a way that makes them feel their best. Each post will chronicle how that person defines healthy for themselves, and the habits and recipes that make their morning a little bit better. Aaronica Cole is a lifestyle blogger and mother who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and three kids. You might be familiar with her site, The Crunchy Mommy, where she writes a lot about lif

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2018-01-17 02:16:02

10 Flavorful Couscous Recipes to Make for Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Keep a stash of couscous in your pantry and you've got the start of a nearly endless stream of incredibly quick meals right at your fingertips. Here are 10 recipes to help you turn this versatile bulk bin staple into dinner at a moment's notice. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 01:46:41

What's Your Meal-Planning IQ? Take This Quiz. — Meal Plan Club  

A few times a year — usually right after the holidays and right before school starts — my meal planning system needs a refresh. It starts with a few too many weeks where groceries go underutilized or we find our takeout budget blown before the month's end. This happens to even the best meal planners during busy seasons or big life changes. When it does, I take a little self-inventory and revisit what I know and love about meal planning and what still needs some work. Thi...

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2018-01-17 01:37:05

Joanna Gaines Shares Her Time-Saving Meal Prep Tip — Kitchen Heroes  

In addition to running a store, a brand, an upcoming restaurant, and an HGTV empire, Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines has four kids and another on the way. That doesn't leave a ton of time for things like julienning vegetables. So just like us regular people who do not have lucrative TV deals, Gaines relies on a weekly meal prep plan to save time in the kitchen. As a bonus, she says it even gets the kids to eat their vegetables. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 01:25:02

Recipe: Herbed Citrus Salad with Tahini Dressing and Greens — Recipes from The Kitchn  

If summer is a season full of discovery, color, and unexpected flavors, winter can feel like a parade of nearly identical gnarled roots and fibrous greens. To combat culinary monotony, I rely on two strategies: Buy all the citrus, and splurge on fresh herbs. READ MORE »

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2018-01-17 01:11:47

10 Ways to Fill Your Kitchen with Positive Energy — Feel Good Kitchen  

You know when you walk into a room and it just feels good? You instantly get a sense that the person who lives there is happy and relaxed — and some of those good vibes rub off on you, too. It may seem a little out there, but there are correlations between a person's mood and the space they inhabit. Here are a few ways to tip the balance in your kitchen towards positivity, gratitude, and gracefulness. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 21:57:04

These Were the Most Popular Products at Trader Joe's in 2017 — Grocery News  

For the past nine years, Trader Joe's has held its Customer Choice awards at the beginning of January to figure out which products were the most popular the previous year. The categories for the awards include things like the best item from the bakery, best meal on the go, best candy, and the best product overall. There were a couple years (like 2014 and 2015) where the most popular product was the cookie butter, but last year things changed. Did your favorite product make this li

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2018-01-16 21:24:12

Starbucks Has a Cheesy New Croissant That Tastes Like an Everything Bagel  

Starbucks has a new menu item that combines your love of everything bagels and croissants: the Everything Croissant! It's a classic buttery croissant that's been upgraded with three cheeses (asiago, fontina, and gruyere) and all the seasonings you'd find on an everything bagel (sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, and sea salt). Available now in Starbucks stores across the country, the Everything Croissant is the latest flaky-bread option in addition to Starbucks's Butter Croi

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2018-01-16 18:55:18

Have You Experienced the True Magic of the Magic Eraser? — Cult Cleaners  

I'd like to take this moment to profess my love for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This is not buzz marketing, nor is it a paid advertisement. I just legitimately love this product — and I'm not ashamed to admit it. A single sponge gives me so much joy and cleaning power. Here are some of the best cleaning moments Mr. Clean and I have shared together. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 17:59:40

Free Download! Our Custom Weekly Meal Plan Template — Meal Planning Club  

Weekly meal planning is for everyone, and it doesn't require a binder or calendar full of recipes. We believe a single sheet can get you organized each week whether you're cooking for a family of one, two, or four. Our week-at-a-glance meal planning template is a free download that you can fill out each week while you master meal planning. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 17:10:36

The Noma Team Served Bugs at Justin Timberlake's Album Party   

Ants, grasshoppers, and kelp were on the menu Pop star Justin Timberlake is rebranding himself as a "man of the woods" right now — and those woods, apparently, are the ones surrounding Copenhagen fine-dining destination Noma. Last night, the recovering fedora fanatic hosted a listening party for his new album at a ritzy Manhattan loft where catering was provided by Rene Redzepi's impossible-to-get-into Copenhagen restaurant, which has landed at number one on the World...

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2018-01-16 16:29:01

This Cat Bed Is a Giant Fruit Tart  

Purrfect for pastry lovers A few things to be grateful for this afternoon: It feels like Monday, but it's actually Tuesday — short week! Internet sensation/meme-in-human-form Salt Bae is about to open his New York City restaurant. Best of all, there's a new cat bed on the market that makes any precious feline look like the centerpiece of a plush fruit tart. Felissimo Felissimo, a company based out of Japan, is responsible for purrfectly adorabl...

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2018-01-16 15:49:41

The Seemingly Counterintuitive Thing That Actually Helps Me Stay on Budget — Shopping  

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times: It's best to plan your meals ahead of time and make large, infrequent trips to the grocery store, they say. The thinking is that you'll spend less time running around and you'll save money because you'll have fewer opportunities to make impulse buys and throw stuff you don't need into your cart. Ignore that, I say! It sounds counterintuitive, but I grocery shop every day in order to stay on budget. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 15:48:01

How To Make Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Banana Bites — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

You've heard of one-ingredient banana ice cream, right? Well, consider this a snack-sized, two-bite, chocolate-dipped version that lives in your freezer, just waiting for that craving for "a little something sweet" to hit. These frozen bites require no blending or pureeing (just chop up a banana, dip, and freeze), and yet they're as creamy and sweet on the inside a spoonful of ice cream — only better. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 15:10:52

The Definitive Guide to Breakfast in Beirut   

From bubbly flatbreads to lamb-spiked eggs to fresh farmer cheese soaked in honey, here's how to wake up like a Lebanese local It's 8 a.m. in Beirut and the streets are quiet. The night before likely included one too many Almaza beers, making breakfast an essential saving grace for the day ahead. In many homes, a morning meal consists of a few pine nut-studded biscuits and Turkish coffee or Nescafe with Nido — a powdered milk implemented during World War II that has turne...

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2018-01-16 15:00:00

Why You Should Invest in Quality Salt and Pepper Mills — Amazon Deal of the Day  

If there's one thing we'd like to banish from kitchens across the country, it's pre-ground pepper. Why? A fresh grind releases natural aromas and flavors in the moment (which is why old-school waiters will still visit your table with a big pepper mill, offering fresh-ground pepper with a flourish). The pre-ground stuff is almost always going to be less spicy and less flavorful. Not only are we big supporters of freshly ground pepper (and salts, because, why not?), but we're also b

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2018-01-16 12:58:17

5 Cleaning Combos That Do More Harm than Good — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn  

When faced with grossness in the kitchen (read: the whole house has the flu, or you found a cockroach infestation under the sink, or the dog trashed the room after eating who-knows-what), it's tempting to bring out all of the big guns and throw every cleaning product you've got at the problem. But don't! First of all, most cleaning products are plenty effective on their own. Plus, combining them could be toxic — and in some cases lethal. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 12:41:52

The Miami Restaurant We All Want to Be at Right This Very Second  

From the Editor: Plus, it's not too late for resolutions  This post originally appeared on January 13, 2018, in Amanda Kludt's newsletter "From the Editor," a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now. So, by the end of day Tuesday, I have to complete a somewhat intimidating 7-page corporate document for our publisher and CEO about the "programs, products, and initiatives" that we plan to focus ...

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2018-01-16 12:41:05

Barbara Lynch Responds to Reports Her Fine-Dining Jewel Is in Trouble  

Investors tell the Boston Globe Menton isn't financially viable Boston empire-builder Barbara Lynch is back in the kitchen at Menton, her French-Italian fine dining restaurant. The Boston Globe reports that investors are concerned about its financial viability, and Lynch is working to appease them, in part, by stepping in as chef for the first time since it opened nearly eight years ago. Menton, known for luxurious, hours-long meals, was meant to be the crown jewel of the Bar...

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2018-01-16 12:29:39

Recipe: Ultimate Korean Short Ribs — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

When Seattle chef duo Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi debated what angle to take on their third restaurant, Trove, they couldn't ignore what their customers wanted: Korean barbecue. Per usual, though, they didn't want to make it strictly traditional — which is how Trove became known as the Korean-ish place where you take friends to grill lemongrass-smothered tri-tip, tamarind-tinged duck breast, or za'atar-crusted pork belly on a Korean-style tabletop grill. In Yang's new book, My Ri...

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2018-01-16 11:56:14

6 Dinner Strategies for Parents Short on Time — Tips from The Kitchn  

If there were ever an award worthy of giving a parent, it would be for one feat: delivering a nutritious meal to the table on time. That's especially true for me, given my 90-minute commute home from work, two children (a 3-week-old and 3-year-old), and a wife who does plenty else besides also taking on the cooking duties. Over the years, I've developed a number of strategies to get a good dinner on the table. Here's how I do it. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 11:51:50

The New Pie Trend You're About to See All Over Instagram — Food News  

The bakers of the world have really been raising the bar on pie crusts lately. Not long ago it was an advanced display of baking prowess to make one's own flaky, delicious pie crust from scratch, but now pie crusts are transcending mere domes and lattices and becoming an artistic medium that rivals even the most over-the-top latte art. Instagram is full of pies that are so intricate and beautiful even Martha Stewart has to applaud them, and now bakers are even experimenting with br

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2018-01-16 11:33:22

Conference That Educates, Supports Women in Food Returns This Summer  

This year's Fab speakers include chef/restaurateur Barbara Lynch Though women have been making their way to the top of the food world for decades, conferences and events rarely spotlight their work. So, women created events for women: One of the first, Parabere Forum, has gathered an international congress of women since 2014. Cherry Bombe's Jubilee is another annual celebration with a rockstar line-up. And tickets are now on sale for one of the newest: Fab, which hosts its s...

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2018-01-16 11:31:21

This Comparison of U.S. and U.K. Grocery Stores Might Make You Want to Move — Shopping  

The folks over at Business Insider compared supermarkets in London and New York city. According to the report, it is shockingly clear which country is better in the grocery store department. READ MORE »

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2018-01-16 11:25:36

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