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'One-Stop' Blood Test for Cancer Shows Early Promise   

The blood test is dubbed CancerSEEK. It was able to catch cancer cases anywhere from 33 percent to 98 percent of the time, depending on the type.

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2018-01-18 20:31:41

Trainer Q&A: Cardio vs. weight training  

Q: What's the difference between cardio training and weight training? Is one better than the other? A: If you're after general conditioning, maintaining existing muscle mass, and keeping body fat to a minimum, you're going to need to make a focus on balancing both cardio and weight training. The key is to make sure that one complements the other. Focus on three to four lifting days and two to three cardio days to promote the results you're looking for in this respect. Here's the cat...

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2018-01-18 19:51:47

The Secrets Behind Halle Berry's Bangin' Mom Bod (Spoiler: 1 Is the Keto Diet)  

Image Source: Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer We can only dream of looking as freakin' phenomenal as Halle Berry does. She stunned us on the red carpet of the NAACP Image Awards and looked more like she was 21 than 51. So what's her secret? It all really comes down to hard work and dedication to health. And, of course, her diet. Let's take a peek at her diet and exercise regimen. RelatedHalle Berry Is "Coming For 2018" in the Sexiest Way Possible A post shared by Halle Berry (@hal

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2018-01-18 19:49:33

Scientists Seek a Better Flu Vaccine   

Although further work is needed, the scientists hope their approach will lead to an effective at-home vaccine.

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2018-01-18 19:36:13

The 5 most common gym injuries—and how to prevent them  

Whatever your fitness goals, getting injured surely isn't one of them. But according to a study from the University of Arkansas, there has been a 35 percent increase in gym injuries in recent years. Personal trainer Justin Price, M.A., who owns The BioMechanics, a corrective exercise and functional fitness facility in San Diego, says there are two main reasons for workout-related injuries. The first is poor posture during the day, which eventually weakens your entire musculoskeletal structu

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2018-01-18 19:17:55

Watch: Lara Croft takes a dangerous adventure in action-packed 'Tomb Raider' trailer   

Lara Croft is ready to embrace her destiny. The next trailer for Tomb Raider has hit, and it shows Alicia Vikander in action as the iconic video game heroine. [RELATED1] In this story, Croft is on the hunt for answers as she tries to solve the disappearance of her father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West), who vanished under mysterious circumstances when she was a kid. Croft travels to a mythical island off the coast of Japan to search for him, enlisting the help of Lu Ren (Into the Badlands sta

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2018-01-18 19:04:47

What Is Whole30 And Does It Really Work?  

Here's what you can expect.

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2018-01-18 17:06:07

6 workouts that melt fat in under 20 minutes  

You're busy. We get that. With work, family, and friends, you can't always exercise for one hour, several times a week, like you're supposed to. Sometimes you just have to get in and get out. But if you have only 20 minutes to pump iron, a few biceps curls and a quick jog won't cut it—you need a workout that hits the whole body and burns as many calories as possible. [RELATED1] Here are six workouts that melt fat in under 20 minutes. Note: If you're still standing by the end of these...

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2018-01-18 17:01:46

The Workout That Keeps Olympic Figure Skater Michelle Kwan Fit and Happy  

Michelle Kwan is an iconic American figure skater who won over everyone's hearts in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She took home the silver medal in the 1998 Nagano Olympics, and she won five World Championships throughout the span of her career. Her performances were as moving and graceful as they were technically clean. Even though she's retired from the sport, Michelle has still been busy. She graduated from law school, and she's recently been active in the political sphere b

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2018-01-18 16:54:22

Pop This Compact "Energy Lamp" On Your Desk To Beat The Winter Blues  

By now, you've read countless articles confirming that seasonal affective disorder—aptly called SAD—is a real condition. The lack of sunlight during the winter months truly can trigger fatigue, weight gain, and feelings of depression. Even if your low energy and bad mood aren't officially diagnosed as SAD by your doctor, the dark days are likely taking their toll. (Boost your energy and slim down in just 8 weeks with the 20-minute workouts in Prevention's Toning Transformation!) Though...

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2018-01-18 16:04:05

Emma Stone's Trainer Gives Us Details on How She Stays Fit  

When Battle of the Sexes came out last year, we were all blown away by Emma Stone's riveting portrayal of tennis legend Billie Jean King. Not only was her performance a memorable one that showcased her acting talents, but Emma also displayed her toned, strong physique, one that she built with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh. Before and after Battle of the Sexes, though, Emma has always managed to maintain a slim, toned figure. POPSUGAR spoke with Jason about what routine Emma follows, and -

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2018-01-18 15:08:34

Could a Blood Test Spot Early Stage Colon Cancer?   

The test detects so-called "circulating tumor cells" (CTCs). Researchers tested it on 620 people in Taiwan who were scheduled for a routine colonoscopy at a local hospital.

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2018-01-18 14:22:51

3 ​Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Dairy  

When Dina Cheney went for her annual checkup, her doctor made a suggestion that, at the time, seemed devastating: She told her to give up cheese. Cheney, then in her late 30s, noticed that her weight was starting to creep up. Though her blood pressure and cholesterol levels were still normal, cutting cheese out of her diet would be an easy way to slash her calories and lose a few pounds, her doctor said. (Lose weight and stop your sugar cravings with Prevention's Sugar Detox Made Easy!) She

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2018-01-18 13:05:31

Finally! Some Relief From Health Insurance Straight Jacket  

Help us support the first meaningful step in healthcare reform. Action Alert! The Labor Department recently released its proposed regulations to implement President Trump's executive order by expanding association health plans. You'll recall from our previous coverage that the executive order expands association health plans, also known as small group health plans. The idea is [...]

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2018-01-18 12:40:42

Here's the full entertainment lineup for the 2018 NBA All-Star Game  

Matthew Jussim Today The 2018 NBA All-Star Game is bringing some big stars to Los Angeles. Superstar comedian and former Men's Fitness cover man Kevin Hart will headline the festivities, including introducing the players for each All-Star squad. [RELATED1] Hart has some strong NBA All-Star Game credentials, having coached and played in the Celebrity Game multiple times—taking home four MVP awards in the process. It's not really a surprise that Hart has dominated the celebrity game ove...

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2018-01-18 12:34:27

Action Alert: Support Obamacare Reform  

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2018-01-18 11:33:18

A Mother's Story: Flu Killed Daughter in Two Days   

This year's flu season may be especially severe, CDC officials said in mid-January. So far this season, the deaths of 20 children have been linked to flu-related causes, and widespread flu activity has been reported in the entire continental U.S.

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2018-01-18 11:30:55

Think the Individual Mandate Was Repealed? Think Again!  

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2018-01-18 11:30:09

Action Alert: Protect Medical Foods  

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2018-01-18 11:20:06

Grow Your Peach With This Intense Butt Workout - It's Just 15 Minutes  

No need to grab dumbbells for this workout - all you need is YOU! These intense bodyweight exercises are all about your butt. Get ready to firm up that peach of yours (and not be able to sit tomorrow!) with this five-move, 15-minute workout. Related25 Amazing Butt Exercises - No Equipment Required! The Workout Directions: Complete each exercises below for 40 seconds, then take a 20-second rest. Move through this five-minute circuit three times for a total of 15 minutes. Squat Jack Pulsing Sumo ...

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2018-01-18 10:08:33

Watch: You won't believe how fast this record-setting golfer finished a 500-yard hole. He didn't even use a golf cart.  

You'll never be able to accuse this golfer of holding up play on the course. Thirty-one-year-old British physical education teacher Steve Jeffs set a Guinness World Record for the "fastest hole of golf" ever completed. [RELATED1] Jeffs played a 500-yard hole at the Tiverton Golf Club in the United Kingdom in August 2017—finishing it off in an astonishing one minute and 50.6 seconds. The Guinness World Records just made it official. [RELATED2] The previous record was held by Phil Naylor, ...

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2018-01-18 09:30:22

6 Killer Squat Variations That Guarantee a Better Butt  

Squats are one of the most functional exercises for toning your lower body, and there's no shortage of variations to make them more challenging. Using weights is one way to mix it up, adding additional resistance to your glutes, hamstrings, and thighs. With all the equipment options available to you, we broke down some of the most advantageous ways to use weights while performing a basic squat. RelatedAfter This 30-Day Challenge, You'll Have the Best Butt Ever Resting dumbbell

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2018-01-18 09:04:25

The truth about post-workout nutrition  

There are two simple principles when it comes to building muscle: You must overload them frequently and feed them appropriately. It's great to put in the work, but you won't reap your labor's benefits if you don't rebuild properly. Here is exactly what you should do after your workout to get maximum gains. Current science indicates that what you eat before, during, and after your workouts, known as nutrient timing, is extremely important in maximizing your results. Whether you&#...

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2018-01-18 08:41:23

Could this frighteningly realistic sex doll replace your girlfriend? (NSFW)  

When it comes to the bedroom, we're all for promoting a healthy curiosity (if you haven't tried one of these penis-friendly sex toys, it's about time you gave it a shot) and even embracing new trends (we're looking at you, astral sex converts). But there's one increasingly popular trend we haven't made our mind up about just yet: frighteningly realistic sex dolls, like the ones sold by Sexy Real Sex Dolls. (The name says it all, no?) You can file this one under the

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2018-01-18 08:13:29

2 Minute Warning- January 18, 2018  

This week’s featured stories: Salmon threatened by three dangerous pesticides the EPA won’t ban EPA says it’s OK to expose teen workers to dangerous toxins Our story on medical foods and osteoarthritis. Take Action! Oxford scientist inject 1400 South African babies with vaccine that killed five monkeys US ranks last in childhood mortality among wealthy nations  

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2018-01-18 07:12:28

Is Lube Safe? Experts Weigh In on What to Use (and Not Use) For Sex  

Using lubricant during sex can make it that much more enjoyable. It allows extra ease for both vaginal and anal penetration, but the question often arises: is lube actually safe? The short answer is yes - but there's more to it than that. There are different types of lubes made up of different ingredients, so in order to make sure you are staying safe, you need to know which one is right for you - and right for the moment. With so many varieties of lube out there, how do we know the ones t

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2018-01-18 06:41:39

I'm Obsessed With Orangetheory Fitness Classes. Here's Why You Should Be, Too.  

Americans are going crazy for orange—theory, that is. Everyone seems to be canceling their big box gym memberships to sweat it out at a boutique studio called Orangetheory Fitness. The nationwide franchise was America's fastest-growing woman-owned company for 2017, and it looks to be just as hot this year. Nearly four years ago, in March 2014, I decided to see what makes this 60-minute, full-body workout class so popular. What I thought was just market research ended up being love from the g...

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2018-01-18 06:19:16

Obamacare Led to Rise in Breast Cancer Screening   

After the rule went into effect, the study found, the number of women in Medicare Advantage plans who got mammography screening rose by 5.5 percentage points: from just under 60 percent in the two years before the rule, to 65.4 percent in the two years after.

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2018-01-18 05:50:10

Walmart Packet Turns Opioid Pills Into Useless Gel   

The disposal packets being handed out at Walmart's 4,700 U.S. pharmacies contain a powder that is placed in prescription bottles.

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2018-01-18 05:33:02

Sorry, but Here Are 5 Important Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Diet Soda  

Different people have different vices. Some can't live without coffee, while others just can't resist that afternoon chocolate pick-me-up. Diet soda is yet another vice that many folks feel like they can't live without. As painful as it may be to hear, though, diet soda is one of those things that we would be better off without. Don't believe us? Here are five reasons you should give up this common beverage once and for all. It Causes Bloating Fizzy drinks may feel cool and

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2018-01-18 05:25:19

5 Reasons Experts Say Granola Isn't So Healthy After All  

There's nothing wrong with munching on granola or tossing some in your bowl of yogurt. However, it's good to know that it can be pretty high in calories, sugar, and fat, especially if store-bought. All things considered, you can still maintain a healthy diet that includes the breakfast staple. With a few tweaks, you can have a better-looking granola to keep at home and to take with you on the go. Related52 Healthy and Satisfying Breakfast Ideas Adding In Too Many Sweet Items First t

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2018-01-18 05:06:50

These 9 Recovery Must Haves Are Your Post-Workout Saviors  

I know I'm a fitness editor and all, but I still get REALLY sore after workouts. Sometimes (OK, most of the time) I go a little too hard, or stack too many workouts back to back, and my body totally hates me for it. Are you nodding your head and saying, "Yeah, that's me"? Then I've got a little checklist for ya! These are my post-workout recovery essentials. I seriously swear by them - and combined, they are a force to be reckoned with! I promise, if you use these together, you�

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2018-01-18 05:03:26

The Mediterranean Diet Might Improve Acid Reflux Better Than Drugs  

Since the 1950s, tons of research on the Mediterranean diet—which emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and whole grains while limiting red meat and refined carbohydrates—has suggested that this eating plan is good for everything from your heart to your brain. Now there's reason to believe that it also helps with acid reflux, and it might even work better than medication. (Fight diabetes and lower your cholesterol with the affordable, effective health hacks in The Doctors B...

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2018-01-18 04:50:05

This Will Kill 100 People Today— But FDA Continues to Eliminate the Alternatives  

FDA opens a new front on the war against natural medicine.  Action Alert! In the midst of an opioid epidemic that is killing nearly 100 people every day, the FDA has taken action against a natural medical food that offers patients an alternative to opioids. Last November, the FDA posted a warning on its website [...]

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2018-01-18 04:37:41

How To Organize Your Kitchen For Weight Loss Success, According To Science  

Declutter Your Life is a month-long initiative to help you manage stress and boost your health by learning the principles of banishing clutter and restoring a sense of order to your world. If you're trying to slim down, consider this very important fact: How you store the food in your kitchen matters almost as much as which foods are there in the first place. It's a good idea to stock up on healthy staples like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins, of course. But if you don't p...

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2018-01-18 04:37:36

Grind Your Teeth at Night? Botox Might Help   

The condition, called bruxism, can lead to pain, headaches, jaw problems and damaged teeth.

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2018-01-18 04:25:31

Why Every Woman Should Incorporate Strength Training Into Her Routine  

Everyone has a different attitude about how they approach the gym. While some ladies love to log a 45-minute run on the treadmill while watching the latest Real Housewives, others are more class-prone, crushing HIIT routines on the regular. Regardless, there's one place a lot of women breeze by: the weight rack. While we can't hate on you for wanting to avoid grunting men and an occasional whiff of poor body odor, fact is that you could be missing out on some serious total-body benefi

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2018-01-18 04:21:54

Opioid Abuse Rises When Prescriptions Are Renewed   

The new study included more than 560,000 people who were prescribed opioids such as OxyContin or Percocet after surgery. None had a history of recent or chronic opioid use.

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2018-01-18 04:04:23

Pill Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk, Even for Smokers   

According to the study from the U.S. National Cancer Institute, these trends were also observed for endometrial cancer as well.

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2018-01-18 04:01:34

According to an Instructor, This 1 Yoga Pose Is the Most Intense Butt-Burner  

From Warrior 2 to Goddess to Twisting Fierce, there is no shortage of yoga poses that target your lower body. But this not-so-popular pose, known affectionately as Burning Low Lunge, is probably the most intense way to work your butt and thighs. RelatedYoga Sequence For Slimmer, Stronger Thighs As a yoga instructor, this is the one pose I like to throw into my classes for runners and skiers that makes students really feel it the next day. Begin in Downward Facing Dog. Step your right foot fo

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2018-01-18 03:39:46

Are There Health Downsides To Vegetarian Diets?   

Although vegetarian eating does have a stellar health reputation, recent news has focused on what could be bad about vegetarian diets and more stringent vegan plans, including reports of hair loss and depression.

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2018-01-18 03:23:18

If You Get The Asian Glow, Alcohol Could Be Way Worse For Your Body  

A new study suggests that people who get an alcohol-induced red flush may see more DNA damage than those who don't.

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2018-01-18 03:12:21

Switching to vaping is probably safer than smoking cigarettes  

Every few weeks, a new study about e-cigarettes seems to surface. As far as public opinion is concerned, e-cigarette studies usually fall into one of two categories. One rough body of research suggests that vaping—sucking on an electronic cigarette or vaporizer—is a mostly safe way to help people quit smoking tobacco and save millions of lives. Another body of research warns that e-cigarettes are filled with hazardous chemicals that could be just as bad as lighting up a cig. The reality, of ...

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2018-01-18 03:07:57

These Protein Powders Taste Just Like Your Favorite Cereals (Including Fruity Pebbles!)  

Ladies and gentlemen, the pre-workout gods are truly shining down upon us. We just discovered that freakin' cereal-flavored protein powders exist, and we're officially never going back to our plain ol' vanilla powders again. Workout supplement brand CTD Sports has gotten a bit of social media buzz lately for Isolicious, a 100 percent whey isolate protein powder that comes in three nostalgic flavors: Cinnamon Cereal (similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch), Coco Cereal (like Cocoa Puffs)

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2018-01-18 02:50:28

7 Things You Probably Never Knew About Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White  

A post shared by Shaun White (@shaunwhite) on Dec 30, 2017 at 7:08pm PST You've either seen him on a snowboard or a skateboard, but either way you've seen Shaun White doing some awesome tricks. Despite recent setbacks, which include a bad crash from which he had to get 62 stitches on his face, the two-time gold medalist is back and ready to compete in the Pyeongchang, South Korea, Winter Games. Here are seven things you may not know about Shaun that will make you continue to ro

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2018-01-18 02:50:09

'John Wick 3': New villain, returning cast members, and filming locations revealed  

Matthew Jussim Today John Wick is back, and he's bringing along some friends for the ride. Following earlier reports that the movie is in deep pre-production, filming is close to starting on John Wick: Chapter 3. The film has added some old—and new—cast members, according to Screen Rant. [RELATED1] Production on the film is set to begin on March 1 in New York City for Keanu Reeves and company, and the team will have a familiar face behind the camera. Chad Stahelski will take on direct...

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2018-01-18 02:42:08

Win Geostorm on Digital  

Enter for your chance to win one of the most exciting, action-packed films of the year.Win Geostorm on DigitalOwn the Digital Movie Now and on Blu-ray™ 1/23 Get ready to enter for your chance to win one of the most exciting, action-packed films of the year. You could win Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, and Ed Harris. Something's wrong with the satellites that control climate and prevent devastating natural disasters. It's a race to uncover the threat before a worldwide g...

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2018-01-18 02:24:39

Build Muscle and Burn Calories With This CrossFit Star's 3 Go-To Moves  

CrossFit competitor Christmas Abbott, author of The Baddass Body Diet and ambassador for Second Skin Gear, has a new six-week fitness program known as BBX Boost. It's a full-body workout challenge that focuses on toning your booty, flattening your stomach, and leaning out your legs. RelatedThis Is the No. 1 Reason You're Not Losing Weight Since Christmas knows a thing or two about how to get lean and toned, we asked her to share her three favorite, effective go-to exercises for buildi

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2018-01-18 01:49:03

7 winter safety tips for dogs  

Frigid winter temperatures can easily demotivate even the most dedicated fitness devotee from going outside. But what should you do about your dog when temperatures plummet? Rocket still needs to go outside, and he still needs exercise. But as with many New Year's resolution-makers, cold weather often forces dog people to confront a common dilemma: stay inside and gain weight, or venture out into the ice and snow? [RELATED1] For all the important safety practices to keep in mind this winter, a...

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2018-01-18 01:22:39

8 Ways Hilary Swank Stays Fit At 43—And Why We're Obsessed With Her Instagram  

Ask most celebrities about how they stay in such great shape, and they give some lame answer like running after their kids or walking their dog. (Yeah, right.) But not Hilary Swank. The 43-year-old actress has a strong, sculpted physique that would probably make an American Ninja Warrior jealous. And no, she didn't earn it from chasing a toddler at the playground. How do we know this? Because Swank documents all the hard work that goes into staying in shape after 40 on her wildly popular Insta...

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2018-01-18 01:10:14

Brain Zaps May Help Curb Tics of Tourette Syndrome   

The procedure, called deep brain stimulation (DBS), improved tic severity by nearly half in 171 patients with uncontrolled Tourette symptoms at 31 hospitals in 10 countries.

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2018-01-17 20:04:21

9 machines you should never use—and the alternative exercises you should be doing instead  

Let's be clear: Not all machines are created equal. Exercise machines were invented to provide a safe alternative to free weights, but sometimes they're anything but. As a matter of fact, they can put your body into unnatural positions and take your joints through dangerous ranges of motion. Over time, this can lead to muscle strain and even serious injuries. [RELATED1] So to make the most of your next sweat session, avoid these nine machines, and instead use the alternative exercises sho...

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2018-01-17 19:38:48

The Workout That Helped Tracee Ellis Ross Look Flawless For the NAACP Image Awards  

Tracee Ellis Ross may be Hollywood royalty, being Diana Ross's daughter and all, but there's no doubt that she's carved out a legendary name for herself over the past several years. At the 2018 NAACP Image Awards on Jan. 15, Tracee won Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for her lead role in Black-ish. This wasn't surprising, because anyone who has seen the show knows that she plays the matriarch of the family with as much heartfelt emotion as laugh-out-loud humor. Along

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2018-01-17 16:23:48

We tested the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8. Here are 5 key features we noticed.  

Brittany Smith Today On a quest to find the best CrossFit training shoe? You'd be wise to consider the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8—the trainer some of the fittest athletes in the world wear to train and compete. Men's Fitness editors recently competed in a partner WOD with Katrín Davíðsdóttir and Brent Fikowski to put the shoe through its paces—so, naturally, we asked these CrossFit Games superstars about their favorite aspects of Reebok's newest edition of the Nano. C...

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2018-01-17 16:21:46

Reduce Legal Blood-Alcohol Limit to Cut Drunk Driving Deaths: Report   

All states should lower legal blood alcohol levels for drivers from 0.08 to 0.05 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reported.

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2018-01-17 13:54:40

Don't Rely on Just One BP Test for Kids: Study   

They found that nearly 25 percent of children and teens who had their blood pressure checked by their primary care doctor had readings in the high range, but less than half of those readings were confirmed when their blood pressure was checked again.

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2018-01-17 12:54:47

More badass 'Black Panther' footage surfaces about a month before its release  

With the much-hyped Black Panther less than a month away from its release, Marvel is unloading all the footage it can to drum up even more enthusiasm for The Universe's latest chapter. [RELATED1] New footage of the flick is featured in three new TV spots released over the weekend. Click to the 30-second mark in each of the following clips to see the new hints toward the movie's plot. Creed director Ryan Coogler's biggest project yet is the first MCU movie of 2018, and the six...

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2018-01-17 12:25:31

A 30-Minute Walk-Run Treadmill Workout That Anybody Can Do, Especially Beginners  

If getting better at running is one of your goals but you're still new to the game, incorporating more walk-run workouts into your routine will help you build up the endurance and strength needed to run a whole mile without stopping. Luckily, Michael Olzinski, Purplepatch endurance coach and Equinox run coach, has created an exclusive 30-minute walk-run treadmill workout for POPSUGAR, so you've got every reason to lace up your shoes and get to the gym. "This is a great workout that c

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2018-01-17 12:21:11

By ICIM member Jerry Tennant, MD: Why is voltage so important for us to live a healthy pain free lifestyle?  

  When talking about pain management, I often refer to energy medicine as a modality to aid in the healing process. We require stored energy in the body for daily living. This energy comes through our water, food, nutrition and exercise. If we become ill or are in chronic pain, a lot of our body's energy is [...]

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2018-01-17 12:04:38

Cycling Won't Sabotage a Man's Sex Life: Study   

The new research on men surveyed 2,774 cyclists, 539 swimmers and 789 runners. All completed several research-validated questionnaires about sexual health, prostate symptoms, urinary tract infections, genital numbness and saddle sores, among other factors.

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2018-01-17 11:58:16

If You're Trying to Give Up Diet Soda, Here Are 4 Tips That Will Get You There  

By now, you've probably heard about all the reasons you should pass on diet soda. It causes bloating, weight gain, and mood swings, and it can even increase your risk for heart attack and Type 2 diabetes. The sooner you can nix this beverage from your diet, the better. But it's easier said than done, so instead of leaving you out in the cold to fend for yourself, here are some useful tips for kicking diet soda out of your life. Have a Game Plan to Wean Yourself Off If you give it up

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2018-01-17 11:23:29

What's the difference between HIIT and Tabata?  

Tom Holland is a Connecticut-based exercise physiologist, certified sports nutritionist, and CEO and founder of TeamHolland. Holland explains everything you need to know about HIIT and Tabata. Men's Fitness: What's the difference between HIIT and Tabata? Tom Holland: When I coach people for Ironman, marathons, running, or any type of aerobic activity, HIIT allows athletes to get more work at a higher intensity than if they did it steady-state. By having those rest intervals, you spend mor...

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2018-01-17 10:58:51

Watch: Tom Hardy gets taunted in 'Venom' set video  

Tom Hardy just can't catch a break on the set of Venom. Filming has been rolling along on the Sony/Marvel movie for a couple months, and the latest look at the set shows Hardy and actor Scott Haze shooting what could be a key scene in the film. [RELATED1] Much like the previous photos and video that have come out from production, Hardy's character, Eddie Brock, appears to struggle for control of his own body as Haze's yet-unnamed character hovers over him. All the while, a third, mys...

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2018-01-17 10:37:56

By ICIM Member Cathie Lippman, MD: Get A Jump On Flu Season  

  It is flu season again.  Here are recommendations to strengthen your immune system so you don't get the flu in the first place.  I know many people who have the flu after they get the vaccine.  I believe these methodologies, when utilized together, work better. Sleep I put sleep first because it is the aid [...]

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2018-01-17 10:12:35

A Week In Somerville, Massachusetts, On A $90,000 Salary  

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking

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2018-01-17 10:12:34

Bacon and bleu cheese breakfast sandwich  

For simple scrambled eggs, beat a large egg with 1Tbsp of water in a coffee mug. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, stir, then cook for another 15-30 seconds. Season with salt and pepper, and you're done. [RELATED1] Want a breakfast sandwich that blows fast-food options out of the water? Try this... 1 Ingredients  2 slices bacon, cut in half Olive oil cooking spray 2 eggs 1 whole-wheat hamburger bun ½ cup torn lettuce ...

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2018-01-17 10:02:51

Parents, Be Warned About Button Batteries: Doctor   

When a doctor in the Netherlands tweeted this stark X-ray shot of a "button" or "disk" battery lodged in a child's esophagus, people took notice. Her post has been retweeted more than 8,000 times since early January.

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2018-01-17 09:16:05

Chris Pratt faces firestorm of criticism after posting photo of lamb meat raised and slaughtered on his farm  

Actor Chris Pratt won plenty of hearts as the dense but lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation—and then cemented his A-lister status by transforming into a super-ripped (and still hilarious) action hero for Guardians of the Galaxy. For his millions of fans around the globe, Pratt could do no wrong. Until now, it seems. The leading man is facing a wave of criticism from his followers (many of whom identify themselves as vegans and vegetarians in the comments section) after posting an Ins...

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2018-01-17 08:59:15

Watch: 'Men's Fitness' editors team up with Katrín Davíðsdóttir and Brent Fikowski to test the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8  

.background_image { position: absolute; top: 0px; right: 0px; width: 100%; height: 100%; min-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; } .jwplayer_wrapper, .jwplayer_list { position: relative; overflow: hidden; z-index: 10; } Men's Fitness editors test out athletic gear all the time. But when we had the chance to test out the new Reebok CrossFit Nano 8, we figured we'd churn t

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2018-01-17 08:32:39

8 Things Your Nails Are Trying To Tell You  

Your finger and toenails are fun to paint, but they can also clue you in to undiagnosed medical problems. Just like with your skin, changes in the nails can reveal health issues ranging from nutrients lacking in your diet to early stages of more serious problems, such as cardiovascular disease. In fact, examining the nails and the nail beds is a standard part of a visit to the dermatologist. "What you look at is the shape of the nails, the surface of the nails, and their color," says Ella To...

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2018-01-17 08:14:19

What's the Difference Between CBD and THC? Some Doctors Break It Down  

There's been a huge surge of interest in the natural healing powers of CBD lately - and for good reason! Doctors are saying it's one of the safest ways to treat illness, disease, and disorders like anxiety. With no known side effects, it seems like a no-brainer to begin your CBD wellness regimen, but there's still some confusion, as much of this is still very new. RelatedWorld Health Org Announces CBD Has No Health Risks Is CBD Pot? Short answer: no. Marijuana (or pot) is a pla

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2018-01-17 07:08:10

Weight-Loss Surgery's Benefits Wane for Diabetics   

The study began with 120 patients with type 2 diabetes from the United States and Taiwan. Half underwent weight-loss surgery while the other half had only lifestyle interventions.

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2018-01-17 06:52:56

10 Healthy Chili Recipes to Cozy Up With This Winter  

Winter cuisine can be a struggle for those of us who are trying to get a head start on our New Year's resolutions-to-be. And while we love the comfort and spice from a bowl of great chili, it doesn't exactly scream diet-friendly. But just because chili is hearty doesn't mean it has to be unhealthy; there are plenty of ways to cut the calories without cutting the flavor profile. In fact, many of the main components, including meat, beans, and chilis, are not inherently fattening a

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2018-01-17 06:45:02

10 stunning photos of Zooey Deschanel  

Known for her quirky sense of humor and charm, Zooey Deschanel is a natural when it comes to show biz. [RELATED1] Both her mother and father have roots in Hollywood, so acting and singing were a natural pursuit. She's starred in hit TV shows (New Girl) and films (500 Days of Summer), and is part of a musical duo called She & Him. Click through for images of the irresistible star. Celebrities

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2018-01-17 06:18:19

Watch: Odell Beckham Jr. puts together sick workout video just months after surgery  

Odell Beckham Jr. is showing no ill effects of the fractured ankle that put an early end to his 2017 season. A little more than three months have passed since that brutal injury and its ensuing surgery ruined Beckham's year. However, he's clearly dedicated 2018 to powering through a laundry list of exercises to get back into playing shape. [RELATED2] In a video posted to his Twitter account, Beckham shows off his famously chiseled physique in a cool home video-style workout compilatio...

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2018-01-17 06:17:17

Trump in 'Excellent' Physical, Cognitive Health, Doctor Says   

The annual four-hour medical exam took place Friday and involved 12 specialty consultants, Jackson noted. He added that none of the results of the exam had been omitted from mention at the news briefing.

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2018-01-17 05:37:56

A Simple Way to Stop Stress Dead in Its Tracks  

Between social media, email, and texting, it's easy to go without actually talking to your closest friends. If you find yourself stressed out during your day, whether it be work-, family-, or life-related, there's no reason you have to deal with it on your own. Picking up the phone and reaching out to someone you trust is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make you feel better. RelatedFriends - Not Family - Help Us Lead Healthier, Longer Lives The next time you're st

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2018-01-17 04:48:51

Creativity May Rely on 'Teamwork' in the Brain   

For eons, researchers have wondered what sets the da Vincis, Shakespeares and Einsteins apart. Results from this new study offer more evidence to debunk the popular notion that creativity is a "right brain" activity.

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2018-01-17 04:38:35

Fast food hits your immune system like an illness, a new study suggests  

We all know that chowing down on greasy fare from fast food joints isn't good for your waistline or for your general health. Consistently eating fried foods, which make up most of the options at these quickie stops, is known to promote inflammation in the body—and more inflammation can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The worst part? Eating junk food all the time stresses out your immune system. And because fast food hammers a genetic sensor called an inflammasome, eating a s...

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2018-01-17 04:35:10

7 Worst Breakfasts For Weight Loss - Find Out Why Avocado Toast Is on the List  

Obviously frosted doughnuts are not the best option, but here are seven seemingly good-for-you breakfasts that are terrible if your goal is to lose weight. A healthy breakfast that will help you drop pounds needs to offer protein, fiber, and healthy fats, so find out which ones certified dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition says you should avoid. Related18 Breakfasts That Follow the Perfect Weight-Loss Formula3 Ways Breakfast Can Help You Lose WeightI Made These 3 Cha

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2018-01-17 04:25:54

Morning Sickness Drug May Not Work: Study   

The drug, Diclegis, failed to meet minimum effectiveness goals in the clinical trial relied upon by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its approval in 2013, Canadian researchers reported.

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2018-01-17 04:25:33

FDA Works to Ease Storm-related IV Bag Shortage   

The agency is also monitoring the recent practice of filling new, but empty, IV bags with fluids to deal with the shortage.

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2018-01-17 04:23:07

10 of the most common weight-loss questions, answered by our experts  

On the road to getting lean, there's no doubt you're going to have questions. Men's Fitness editors, many of whom have gone through the same journey, have the answers—or at least know the right experts who do. Because while it might be easy to figure out a general weight-loss program (get on a clean diet, head to the gym, avoid these dangerously addictive junk foods), when you get specific and cater the program to your own life, there are going to be tips you wish you knew. [RE...

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2018-01-17 04:20:13

These Blue Majik Recipes Are, Well, Pure Magic  

A very Instagrammable ingredient called Blue Majik (a proprietary extract of the blue-green algae Arthrospira platensis, which you might know as spirulina) has never been more popular. Transforming even the most basic of meals into a work of art, the ingredient is basically mermaid-approved, but most importantly, it's healthy and rich in electrolytes and antioxidants. Read on for all the Instagram inspiration you need to incorporate the colorful spirulina extract into your daily life. From

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2018-01-17 03:32:08

9 memorable quotes from 'the greatest': Muhammad Ali  

Kahleel BraggMuhammad Ali remained one of boxing's most revered athletes long after his career came to an end. The three-time heavyweight boxing world champion may just be one of the most famous athletes in history, and he used his stardom for good. An outspoken activist and humanitarian, Ali's words were more than backed up by his actions. Even during his career, his epic trash talk never overshadowed his incredible grit and skill in the ring.[RELATED1]Unsurprisingly, Ali became the s

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2018-01-17 03:21:12

NBA Week 14 preview: The 5 fittest players to watch and the games you shouldn't miss  

Matthew Jussim Today With more than half of the NBA season already done, teams are starting to realize they're up against the clock. The Cleveland Cavaliers have hit a major wall, slipping into third place in the Eastern Conference behind the surging Toronto Raptors; while the Golden State Warriors keep rolling, continuing to look like the championship favorites they were at the start of the season. [RELATED1] The All-Star game is just a month away, meaning teams like the Knicks, Sixers, ...

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2018-01-17 03:06:12

Jane Fonda Has Cancerous Growth Removed From Lip   

The 80-year-old downplayed the situation and noted that she received a clean bill of health, NBC News reported.

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2018-01-17 02:59:39

38 Healthy Party Appetizers to Celebrate the Super Bowl  

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect excuse for socializing with snacks. Chips and dip are often the high-calorie usual, but these 38 recipes are low in calories and full of flavor. From vegan bites to protein-packed dips, these appetizers make it easy to create a satisfying menu minus the guilt. With a few simple swaps - like opting to bake (not fry) - you're sure to be the most appreciated party host! RelatedFrom Ranch to Hummus: 26 Healthy Dip Recipes15 Elegant and Healthy Party Apps That A

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2018-01-17 02:42:56

A breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe to help you lose your love handles  

No one food will melt away your fat—only a well-balanced, healthy weight-loss plan along with plenty of exercise can help you do that. However, numerous studies have pinpointed several foods that can assist in your fat-blasting efforts. A 2014 study found that dark green vegetables (like kale and spinach), plus orange and yellow vegetables (like carrots and sweet potatoes) are linked to decreased body fat, specifically belly fat. Researchers examined 175 study particpants and found that th...

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2018-01-17 01:34:41

Cycling doesn't hurt a guy's sexual health, a new study says  

Conventional wisdom has long held that skinny cycling saddles put pressure on a guy's pudendal nerve, which can cause genital numbness, incontinence, and prostate problems. As such, the conventional wisdom suggested that long cycling rides could also hurt a guy's sexual function. That's how we got padded shorts, fat saddles, and seats with cut-outs to relieve pressure. But that so-called conventional wisdom might actually have been incorrect. Extended periods of cycling doesn'

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2018-01-16 23:51:22

This Goth SoulCycle Water Bottle Is as Dark as the Inside of That Candlelit Studio  

A post shared by Chelsea (@chelseajfoss) on Nov 21, 2017 at 11:03am PST SoulCycle finds a way to get you hooked. If it's not the demanding workout that draws you in, then maybe it's that moment of clarity you get at the end of a ride, or the grapefruit scent that wafts through the entire studio, or the trendy merch - yes, the kind you can no longer escape while out on the street. Well, apologies to your bank account, but we're about to add to your (potentially) growing wis

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2018-01-16 19:53:47

Are You Hitting Your 10,000 Steps Without Knowing It?  

It seems like a no-brainer: You use your smartphone for texting, photography, email, and social media, so why not tap into its fitness capability as well? Most people carry their phone everywhere, and devices like the iPhone have a step tracker already loaded as a standard feature. But a new study suggests that your smartphone might not be so smart when it comes to tracking how many steps you take per day. Researchers found that the iPhone's built-in pedometer missed about 1,340 steps during a...

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2018-01-16 16:07:22

7 reasons why you shouldn't abandon carbs  

It's true that cutting chips, cookies, candy, and other carbs from your diet can help you uncover your abs. But if you think eliminating all the carbs is the key to reaching your weight-loss goals, we've got a few reasons to reconsider. 1. It can hurt your attitude Going too low-carb isn't just bad for your body, it's bad for your spirit. Extreme low-carb diets negatively impact your mood, says Jeannie Gazzainga-Moloo, Ph.D., R.D., a nutritionist in Sacramento, CA. [RELATED1]

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2018-01-16 15:50:19

To The People Who Say 'I'm Tired' When Someone Asks How You Are  

When you feel like this, it's important to know you're not alone.

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2018-01-16 15:34:48

What to wear in your dating profile pictures  

At least half of online dating is fantasy. And scrolling through a dating app is basically relationship porn—but instead of anonymous apartments and delivery men, this kind of porn has us ladies (and I'm sure more than a few men) imagining a passionate courtship, one that takes place on hikes in Peru, Caribbean fishing excursions, and bars with exceptional lighting. But if you've ever watched porn with a woman and been annoyed when she couldn't stop critiquing the male sex-haver's couc...

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2018-01-16 14:21:01

Whoa! This Is How Much a Month of Workouts Can Cost in NYC  

As my favorite SoulCycle instructor once said, you can't throw a penny in New York without hitting a gym or fitness studio. Allow me to confirm that she is, in fact, correct. From chain gyms to buzz-worthy boutique studios, nearly every street you walk down is home to several options. Like careers and good food, working out is one thing New Yorkers take very seriously. But with New York City locations come New York City price tags. A standard boutique class (i.e., Barry's Bootcamp o

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2018-01-16 14:05:23

To-Do List Before Bedtime Prompts Better Sleep   

The lab study included 57 university students who took five minutes before going to bed to either write down what they needed to do over the next few days, or to list the tasks they had completed during the previous few days.

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2018-01-16 13:36:14

Dry Sparkling Soda Lets You Pop Bottles, Minus the Alcohol  

A post shared by DRY Sparkling (@dry_sparkling) on Dec 22, 2017 at 8:11am PST For anyone embarking on their own dry January, February, or any month of the year, we've found the perfect product to aid you in your sober goals. Dry sparkling soda not only tastes delicious, but it also contains far less sugar than traditional sodas (11 to 16 grams of sugar per 12-oz. can vs. 39 grams per can). The best part about this nonalcoholic beverage, however, is that it comes in Champagne-like c

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2018-01-16 12:53:45

CBD Bulletproof Coffee Is Probably My Most Genius Invention Yet  

I was adding drops of my Infinite CBD coconut oil to a small cup of black coffee one morning when it clicked: "This is just like my XCT oil . . . This is my new Bulletproof." RelatedWhat Science Has to Say About the Link Between Caffeine and Anxiety I've been loving my Bulletproof coffee at home, but I still am pretty caffeine-sensitive. In fact, a cup of cold brew can send me into a full-body, hour-long panic attack (it's not a chill scenario), so typically I do try to add a fat sou

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2018-01-16 12:48:22

Good carbs: The 12 best whole grain foods  

Brittany Smith Today If you ban all carbs, all the time, you're doing yourself a disservice and possibly cutting your life short, according to research from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.  The study is actually a meta-analysis, published in the journal Circulation, which cross-referenced 12 different studies as well as unpublished research from two different National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. Researchers observed the daily habits of 786,076 men and women, ...

what do you think?

2018-01-16 12:30:59

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